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Found 4 results

  1. Coverflow Simple 3D diseƱado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado Simple 3D Default: Simple 3D Default by adriancaz.cfljson Simple 3D WebOS: Simple 3D WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
  2. Ok so I would just like a point in the right direction in terms of what I need to start developing any form of homebrew apps or games... I have been tryna help myself by googling and from what I've gathered im only seeing stuff bout XNA Studio and i think ive seen something about a UDK, which is either a port of unreal engine specifically for developing for xbox or something another... And also ive been seeing that you will also need a devkit or at least a rgh with a devkit nand which i would pretty much like to avoid seeing as i only have 1 rgh console to play games and would not like to flash a dev nand to it.... So if u guys got anything i would like to hear...... And before you ask: 1) yes i do have some programming experience, im no expert but i would say im competent enough by my standards 2) im just exploring and experimenting for my personal gain, not looking to create any homebrew app to rival any other (cuz lets face it, this would be a bad way to start if i hoping to do something like that)
  3. Hi all, So from what I can see, tydye81 is the only one left working on RGLoader right now, and is a very busy individual. In his most recent README: He encourages people to decompile RGBuild and build it again with support for new kernels and that it should be a relatively simple process. I was able to use ILSpy (a .NET reflector) to decompile the C# code for both RGBuild.exe and RGBuildLauncher.exe, edit it to fix some small compile-time errors generated most likely by ILSpy, and run the program in Visual Studio. After I got that working, I could only find dash/kernel versions hard coded into the program as the check boxes in RGBuildLauncher.exe. I assumed from this that RGBuildLauncher.exe just generates good arguments for RGBuild.exe based on what you put into RGBuildLauncher.exe, so all I did was add a checkbox for 17502. I was able to find the SE.17489.bin image on the forums [1] [2] and have found a recommendation from a user that has RGBuild working on 17502 to use the same files from the 17489 filesystems to build the 17502 image and to spoof the kernel [1]. If spoofing doesn't work, (it looks like it didn't work for this guy) I will need an SE.17502.bin from a devkit, and nothing really shows up for me when searching for that. So, at this point, do we just need to wait for someone to publicly release their 17502 devkit filesystems? Or is there a way we can build a 17502 RGBuilder image with the files available now?
  4. gilson

    RGLoader ask

    Translated from Google Translator: I have a jasper with reset glitch, banned from live. I want to change my console KV for a KV who has access to live, to use with the plugin xeLive. I heard about RGLoader that transforms an xbox reset glitch retail for a reset glitch with devkit, and that its use is for development purposes, but it is also possible to "create" one KV with it, and access to live. My goal is not play online, is access something like: netflix, youtube, ie ... can anyone help me?
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