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  1. So i got a slim E series (corona v6) with a ace v3 installed. Problem is it takes forever to boot sometimes, its very incosistent, sometimes its insta boots, sometimes boots within 3-5 cycles but most of the times it takes between 10-15 cycles before it boots. So i did some research and found that i could tune it with some capacitors for a better and more consistent boot ( i already trimmed the wires but that didnt improve boot times) So the caps i bought are ceramic 10uf 50v. Is it ok to use a cap with such a high voltage, if not what rating caps would u guys recommend. Also my 360 has the winbond 2kb ram, heard 360 with them are problematic to glitch, could this contribute to the inconsistent boots? Link to caps i bought: https://m.ebay.com/itm/20Pcs-Lot-50V-475-335-106-225-Monolithic-Ceramic-Chip-Capacitor-5-08mm/192156148520?_mwBanner=1&ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2F0%2F0%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192156148520%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3Dc7adcac11630aad325468656fff9c2fc&ul_noapp=true
  2. thanks man, this is just the type of info i was looking for
  3. Ok so I would just like a point in the right direction in terms of what I need to start developing any form of homebrew apps or games... I have been tryna help myself by googling and from what I've gathered im only seeing stuff bout XNA Studio and i think ive seen something about a UDK, which is either a port of unreal engine specifically for developing for xbox or something another... And also ive been seeing that you will also need a devkit or at least a rgh with a devkit nand which i would pretty much like to avoid seeing as i only have 1 rgh console to play games and would not like to flash a dev nand to it.... So if u guys got anything i would like to hear...... And before you ask: 1) yes i do have some programming experience, im no expert but i would say im competent enough by my standards 2) im just exploring and experimenting for my personal gain, not looking to create any homebrew app to rival any other (cuz lets face it, this would be a bad way to start if i hoping to do something like that)
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