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Found 11 results

  1. New Coverflows Available Stack Minimal Bottom by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal Center by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal Plus by Victorxx18.cfljson Alone Center by Victorxx18.cfljson
  2. Coverflow Simple 3D diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado Simple 3D Default: Simple 3D Default by adriancaz.cfljson Simple 3D WebOS: Simple 3D WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
  3. Hi guys! First of all, pardon my ignorance, I'm not 100% sure what are the limitations of the coverflows or Aurora's UI. My question is would it be possible with the current version of Aurora without any significant modification to create such a coverflow which might include grouping of games visually on the screen? The base idea would look similar to the original dashboard or the Freestyle 3 design. It would have a database of grouped games, or it could already use the filtering method used in the selection menu. You can go left-right on one floor to choose the games of your liking, and then move up-down to a different grouping method (Last played, year released, genre based, kinect, custom groups, etc). Controlling could be as followed: Left stick/D-pad controlls the selection movement and the right stick could add visual effects like rotating the cover and zooming out' as it has been used so far. I have a somewhat decent knowledge in web based UI creation, and I'd love to get involved with creating something like this, but I've clearly not did my homework as I have no idea if Aurora is capable of handling something like this, and would worth trying? I've attached an image of what my idea would somewhat look like. Thanks for reading and probably wasting your time!
  4. Coverflow Big Library 3D diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado Big Library 3D Default: Library 3D Default by adriancaz.cfljson Big Library 3D WebOS: Library 3D WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
  5. Coverflow WheelArcade diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado WheelArcade Default: WheelArcade Default by adriancaz.cfljson WheelArcade WebOS: WheelArcade webOS by adriancaz.cfljson
  6. Coverflow BigCover diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado BigCover I Default: BigCover Default by adriancaz.cfljson BigCover II Default: BigCoverII Default by adriancaz.cfljson BigCover I WebOS: BigCover WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson BigCover II WebOS: BigCoverII WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
  7. Hello everyone I searched around the internet for quite some time but wasn't able to find anything helpful.So I hope that one of you guys is kind enough to help me with this. How do I create my own skins for aurora with music backgrounds animations and all that stuff. And I don't mean changing my skin I really want to create my own one and upload it here if I and up being happy with it. I really hope one of you guys can help me thanks in advance
  8. So I originally made Spread a while ago but decided to revisit it to fix things and add new stuff. V2 is the same original look but now includes all extra views which I had never finished. I also based a couple of views off of Rising Phoenix. Spread was originally designed to go with the S.H.I.E.L.D skin by Sm0k3 Tr4c3r, but feel free to try it out on your favorite skin as well. Unzip and install to Aurora/Media/Layouts/<file goes here> Enable by pressing "B" then tab over to Theme and Select Cover Layout Spread V2 by Quattrogam3r.zip normal
  9. HELLO, im new hear, just got my xbox 360 RGH with Aurora this week My first question is how can i change the way the DVD covers "flow", "changes" i don't know yet the correct terminology , is it a "skin" ? coverflow ? where i can find a tutorial which files to download and add. Many thanks ! ism55ism55.
  10. Hello all, here is a simple Custom CoverFlow Layout (hopefully we can adopt CCFL, or just CFL for this LOL) It is another edit of the "Flock" layout, This new V2 has custom views for all positions (see video and screenshots) Video Clip V2 Flock_Circle_Edit_begalV2.rar older versions V1 Flock_Circle_Edit_begal.rar enjoy, begal
  11. I was searching this forum and whole web but without any success.I have RGH only 2 weeks. First time in F3 was great Cower Flow - only with games on drive. But after few days, (I thing after Kinect Calibration) there appears these files: - AvatarEditor- dash.ExtraAVCodecs- dash.firstuse- dash.natalpregame- dash.NuiFirstUse- Dash.Search- dashnui- Guide.AccountRecovery- Guide.AvatarMiniCreator- Guide.Fitness- Guide.NuiTroubleshooter- livepack- natalsu- nuihud- Xam.Community- Xam.LiveMessenger- Xam.WordRegister- Xbox Dashboard- XimeDic- XimeDicCh- ximedicex without cover. I thing these files are within some games, or any system files. Am I right? How can i hide these files in cover flow? THNX. p.s.: Sorry for my bad english.
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