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  1. Could you please elaborate? There are both limitations with the current Aurora setup and 'not wanting to' implement dynamic layouts?
  2. Hi guys! So I 'accidentally' enabled downloads in the background in the system network settings, but I didn't realise it in time, which caused my OnBoardMU to fill up to the brim with things I cannot detect nor delete. This caused Aurora to glitch out quite badly as it had no space left for work. When i realised this caused the problem, I've disabled it, but it is too late I guess. I've made a clean Aurora install on the internal HDD which has plenty of space to spare, but it fails to pull description and title name information. It got cover updates/TUs no problem, but does not rename nor write any description information. Before this tweaking I had my games as following: But decided to move the games as everyone tells it to: I've checked everything I can and I'm not entirely sure what might have I done to not be able for the data pulling. As for the OnBoardMU being full, I only detect roughly 300 MB of data on the 3GB chip and have only 200 MB free space left now that I've deleted Aurora off of it. I appreciate any help in both matters. Edit: I've somehow managed to get the pulling to work with one or more of the following conditions: I've disabled autolive and livestrong in DL I've un-ticked everything in the asset download menu and clicked download Cleared the cache As for the internalMU being full, I don't know if it's normal behaviour, but I'd prefer to install my Aurora there, but until I have some more space there I'll not be able.
  3. I'm sure you get all top dollar for using adfly as a link sharing method, but perhaps only for me, it is impossible to reach the mega.nz link because of it asking for permissions I'll not grant. May you include a link without questionable websites trying to give bloatware, or that's too much to ask for? For your sake, I've clicked on the link at least 20 times trying to download it.
  4. Hi guys! First of all, pardon my ignorance, I'm not 100% sure what are the limitations of the coverflows or Aurora's UI. My question is would it be possible with the current version of Aurora without any significant modification to create such a coverflow which might include grouping of games visually on the screen? The base idea would look similar to the original dashboard or the Freestyle 3 design. It would have a database of grouped games, or it could already use the filtering method used in the selection menu. You can go left-right on one floor to choose the games of your liking, and then move up-down to a different grouping method (Last played, year released, genre based, kinect, custom groups, etc). Controlling could be as followed: Left stick/D-pad controlls the selection movement and the right stick could add visual effects like rotating the cover and zooming out' as it has been used so far. I have a somewhat decent knowledge in web based UI creation, and I'd love to get involved with creating something like this, but I've clearly not did my homework as I have no idea if Aurora is capable of handling something like this, and would worth trying? I've attached an image of what my idea would somewhat look like. Thanks for reading and probably wasting your time!
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