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  1. Weird, didn't see that when i posted or I would've ignored it. Looks like the question is different than the one I answered too. He was specifically asking for where the folder is located.
  2. Create the folder then. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8026-location-for-trainers/
  3. I know what you meant homie. Just didn't think 300kbps was doing it justice, lolz. My 360 is connected wired too, just that everything I do is from my laptop with a tx rate of 1300mbps.
  4. Out of curiosity, since I always thought my WiFi was much faster than that, I just tested an FTP transfer to my 360 and was peaking @ 1.5-1.6 MB per sec or ±12mbps
  5. Considering there are two versions, one for Access 2010, one for Access 2013, I wouldn't think so. Also from Keyser...
  6. I had a tough enough time just finding a single link to the binary, doubt I would ever be able to find the source (aside from trying to contact keyser). Thanks for the info gavin, but like you said, not worth the hassle.
  7. I think it's time to move on buddy. Not only is FSD abandoned, but I just attempted to check covers through my installation of GaDaBaMa and it does not even communicate with the cover site anymore (jqe360.com). If you absolutely need it I found a Mega.nz file online through a xbox-link site in Spanish? So it can be found through a google search, but I won't share it cause I can't confirm it's legit except for this. Good luck and happy hunting.
  8. Great news team. Would be nice to run from netiso and free up another hdd. Already saving a ton of space on my blueray games from PS3netsrv on NAS. If not, no worries, Aurora already made my xbox great.
  9. You might need a new name now Static, lolz
  10. The thread where I posted the tutorial is located here. I don't believe I ever uploaded AxR's Search tool. If felida can get permission to upload it then he would be the best bet to get the tool from at this point (since he stays in contact with XYZ people)... I haven't been on XYZ site in ages.
  11. Yeah, I know it's a quick update, I figure I'll need to sit down and spend some time with the new features though, not to mention play some catch-up with the forums, lolz. I'm all excited now.
  12. Wow, great news! Been AFK for a while, gonna have to upgrade over the holidays. Thanks for all your hard work Phoenix team, I'm sure it was worth the wait.
  13. Not sure, float points are way over my head, but I thought the whole reason for the patch was to allow xbe's to utilize the 1+GHz CPU instead of the 733MHz limit they were originally built. My head hurts just thinking about it If anyone was going to do that, it probably would have been XBMC, and I wonder if they have the manpower to bring that to the project anymore...
  14. Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know after I get into it. But I think I can salvage it as long as I didn't burn the power supply board out. Might even do it this weekend since it's a 3 day'r. I could use my X3 on a 1.6, just uses a dif xecuter bios. I've heard about some games speeding up after the upgrade, but you might be able to patch the xbe's. Someone made a patcher for CPU upgrades and shared it here . edit: If you can't track down trustyty@hotmail, maybe N64 freak can do it, but he's in Germany so...
  15. I won't know for sure till I crack it open again. At first it was popping the reset on the power adapter, so I ordered a new one from back east. Still popping it though. That's why I figured it's either the power connector on the power supply board (since it's a v1) or corrosion from the cap. I don't think it's a hdd issue.Worst case I'll swap my X3 to a new MB and be done with it. Edit: come to think of it, it did boot after I received the new power adapter, but only once. Next time I tried it wouldn't boot. First thing I'll check is for a flakey power connector since those were the reason M$ issued the power adapters in the first place, iirc.
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