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  1. I managed to do everything as described found some tutorials on YouTube 1. Ran the xm360 just to find out that all the DLCs are unlocked 2. Ran the title update (RB),downloaded and then activated them ( LB). 3. Rebooted the device. 4. Made sure that setting are indeed saved 5. Tried the aurua title update scan However no new titles ( in this case new songs for the various Just adance ) are available Anything else I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the answer found many tutorial how to use XM360 on XBOX however how do i "install" XM360 on Aurora ? (ive downloaded the XM360 package. and... what is a "TitleUpdae" - how do i perform TitleUpdate ? ive already copied the TU_xxxxx files. Sorry for the begging questions... Thanks in advance
  3. Ive downloaded DLCs from few sources (and for few of the JD editions) placed the files as per instructions (using the aurora file manager) however I don't see any additional songs to the default song list on JD 2015,2014 AND 4 Anything else I should do in order to import / register the new DLCs into the game? Thanks Ilan.
  4. I have an Xbox 360 running Aurora + Just Dance 3,4,GreatsHits , 2014 and 2015. Where can i download additional songs (as individual files ?) for any of the above versions ? and where i should copy the files to xbox ? Searched the next but cant find a source accept for marketplace for download new songs. Thanks in advance. ism55ism55
  5. Gavin I didn't use an external editor I've just used one of the preinstalled coverflow should I perfrom additional file saving using a PC in order to save the changes permanently? As I've wrote when I reboot the xbox the coverflow appears with the newly choosen coverflow. Issue occurs only when I exit a game into the coverflow menu. Thanks again Ism55ism55
  6. Thanks everyone ! i followed your suggestion and changed to another pre-existing coverflow however now i have another issue/question: Way does the coverflow keeps resetting to default once im existing a game ? ( next time ill reboot the XBOX it will load the "new" coverflow ) Thanks again. ism55ism55.
  7. HELLO, im new hear, just got my xbox 360 RGH with Aurora this week My first question is how can i change the way the DVD covers "flow", "changes" i don't know yet the correct terminology , is it a "skin" ? coverflow ? where i can find a tutorial which files to download and add. Many thanks ! ism55ism55.
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