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  1. I followed this procedure and it remains the same. curious that before the device had the nand replaced everything worked perfectly and now it seems I'm facing an unsolved problem
  2. Good night friend was doing a clean install of aurora (0.7b.2) and starting from dashlaunch as soon as the new aurora was installed, the message of new update available
  3. Good evening friend, thank you very much for the tip. I've done this procedure and it's still the same. No matter what version of aurora I use it always accuses this message of "new update available " when starting and ??? in plugins
  4. Somebody??? I think this problem has no solution. I've seen several reports about it but no answers
  5. Hello everyone I'm having a problem with my aurora, the message "new aurora version available" always appears and when I update the message keeps repeating. Appears for me in plugins "???" I don't know if because of that but the trainers stopped working. They are all in their correct places but not recognized. This all started when I took the console in for a red light repair, before that everything was working normally
  6. yes I scanned the title updates. aurora simply cannot enable the title update to run the trainer. unity is blank screen to download the title update. what is curious is that in freestyle, you are found. by the way, can you use this rock band trainer in freestyle?
  7. that's my problem. I downloaded tu4 from unity and put it in the correct folder. the game recognizes normally but the aurora does not find it when making the scanner and consequently does not activate for the trainer
  8. please have a trainer for rock band 3 with title update 0? I can't activate tu4 in aurora. thank you so much for your help
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