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  1. Hi Can anyone share how to unlock characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 like Slim Bob?... I have the latest TU 3 but no characters are being shown Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I can see users online on top 5 games on link (unity) but its not mentioned that on which title update they are! i have latest title update for every game but no playes and cant figure out which tu should i download to get max no of players in lobby ! Any suggestions !
  3. U r saying to use "Disk" instead of "Disc" but isn't is required in Dashlaunch Autoswap!?
  4. Hello Neocazen, Thanks for responding, 1- I don't have nay idea what you are talking about ... Can u elaborate? 2- Still no idea ... But all my multi discs are being shown in the game list both in Fsd and Aurora not matter what folder structure i keep and the Title ID is being automaticaly recognized.... I do not know u r talking about this or not! 3- Part1(Yes the game is in HDD and the bars are on the left.) Part 2(For the next game, skip two lines and start over with the Game ID) I do not understand where am suppose to skip lines and start with game ID
  5. Hey guys , Hope you all are doing great! I thought so many times before making this thread that wether i should post in some old ones or i should make a new one but finally i decided to make one so that everyone having similar questions in their mind like me can get thier answers straight. So the thing is about Multiple Disc Games which i came to know are of three types 1. Install/Play 2. Play/Play & 3. Unique Scenarios Talking about the second case which is Play/Play Discs I am done with almost half of Max Payne 3(Extracted from ISO to XEX format) playing through Aurora .6b and to play the next chapter the games asks me that a (Disc Change : Insert Disc 2 to Contine) swap is going to be required which i select as yes and disc swap pop-up disappears and after a couple of seconds of game dramatic video of the next chapter game freezes! I have (K17511) (Dashlaunch 3.18 with Autoswap disabled) (FSD3Rev775 with FSD Plugin loaded) and (Aurora 0.6b with Dashlaunch=Active, Freestyle Plugin=Active, and FTP=Active) As per other threads i thought may be folder structure is not right which was HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc1 HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc2 ˆˆˆˆAbove were actually two Separate folders and 2 Discs were being showed in the Game List both in FSD3 and Auroa So this i thought may be this not the right folder structure and changed it to HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 1 HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 2 Which is a main Max Payne 3 folder with two subfolders as "Disc 1" & "Disc 2" But still the same issue! Game Freezes after Disc Swap Next I tried deleting the title update = Same issue Reinstalling the title update= Same issue Tried to play from FSD3 itself = Same issue Then i read in a thread maybe its Aurora 0.6b Bug so I Installed Aurora 0.7b in which what happens is after disc swap selection as yes it restarts Disc 1 again Aurora 0.7b is not showing that wether Freestyle Plugin is loaded or not like Aurora 0.6b but shows for Dashlaunch FTP and NOVA in the settings. I also tried moving the hide disc 2 by moving it in no section but no help! Also checked from backup the game files are Complete Can someone help me out in this please! Any Suggestions Help will be highly appreciated!
  6. OMG u are absolutely right !!! This was the special characters issue ! All those folders which had special characters in the name could not be copied into HDD1 as u can see in the screenshot. I renamed all the folders and tested and yaaaaay!!! transfers started ! Thanks so much for this help ! Meant a-lot to me ! I literally learnt from this !!! Did not know about this because i have using data from external USB HDD before. Just 1 more question , Now i have already copied (Content - Homebrew - Emulators) into HDD1 one by one and just the Games folder remains and it is almost 984 GB so should i copy it at once through xexmenu/aurora or should copy games one by one .... i mean is there any max limit on xexmenu / aurora?
  7. Hello guys ! I hope all of you are doing great ! I need ur help/suggestions for setting up my new internal 2TB HDD1 for Xbox360 Slim RGH Corona K17511. I started with formatting the HDD in retail dashboard settings in Xbox to configure to use it as internal HDD1. Problem is i cant move the data which is almost 1.2TB that includes (Content - Homebrew - Emulators - Games) from external USB Seagate HDD to Xbox Internal HDD1. I tried xexmenu, it works for small size folders and files but for some folders randomly it behaves weirdly and it wont copy at all or stops transfer on the way of progress ! I have tried Filezilla and it works only for single files to copy into HDD!. Also i tried xbox360 content manager same as Filezilla! how do u guys transfer ur data into a new internal hdd ! Any help will be highly appreciated !
  8. Is there nice media player which could play movies in all the vdo formats and music like mp3 (which i can paste in the remaining space of my 2TB RGH HDD)? If not !!!! I request Someone can please make another excellent addition for all of us users !!!
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