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  1. hello gays i never been banned cause i never used the live connection i did decide to do it but i have some trouble i cannot get flashdmp.bin on my fsd yet everything made right whit flash 360 so i cannot made my kv from my nand whitout this file have a other question i tryed offlineway using lanch.ini i having trouble live isn't up to date is that normal ??? what sould i do thank before anyone can help
  2. lol sure we want this release , quite hard work on it and don't forget much long it takes beter is in fact ones again you didn't totaly answer to my question my dear felida SO IF YOU GONE A MAKE SKIN MEANS 0.6 MAIN THEME WILL NOT WORK ON 0.7 RELEASE PLEASE FELIDA I WANT TO LEARN MAKING AURORA SKIN THIS WAY I'LL HELP COMMUNITY LEARN ME I SO FORUM TUTO THEY NOT CLEAR I UNDERSTAND NONE OF IT MUST I HAVE TO USE PHOTOSHOP NEED YOUR KNOWLEDGE i'm ready to work dumm i lost my screw LOL THANKS BEFORE FOR THE NEXT CLAIR RESPONSE
  3. hello CEOISS i do not understand could you explain more clearly thanks before i'll try to help
  4. hi Anonymous, i'll try to help best i can you much see first on dashlunch first if liveblock and livestrong and devlink are disable however internet will not work for title updates or cover download then you have to setup link whit your router and config FSD good luck
  5. thanks crew for your job on 7.0b i want to ask a question does 0.6 MAINTHEME gone a work on 0.7 version ? Does we have a beta version i might help ?
  6. MADE BY M0514H Rebuild By FFF enjoy Thanks to Felida who gived me support. Naruto Shippuden Final FFF REBUILD.xzp NARUTO_ALONE_FFF_REBUILD.xzp
  7. Ok felida SO impossible to recover the staff you made on this feature (0.6) AND what going to happend on next Feature 0.7 we want be able to play are previous maintheme on it ? ps: to share Naruto_Shippuden_Final_FFF_Rebuild.xzp
  8. ASK M0515H MASTER HE MADE THIS THEME I JUST CHANGED BACKGROUND AND MODIF SOME FEW THING ON HIS MAINTHEME i've got a other one I modifed if you like to : Naruto_Shippuden_Final_FFF_Rebuild.xzp
  9. I JUST SAW what previous AURORA maintheme doesn't work on last version 0.6b . i've got two question : Could we esaly recover whose presious theme and remade theme working on are working version ? I knew that soon we will have a new version call 0.7 and i want to known if are maintheme 0.6 will work on it ? MANY THANKS BEFORE
  10. MANY THANKS TO FELIDA the MASTER I MADE IT great i'm happy ENDED TOPIC i have a other question why rising music doesn't work on aurora 0.6b , and could we easely remade it working on version 0.6b ? what going to happend for are mainthemes when the next version will come ????? xma2encode.rar
  11. rising MUSIC i think that is your premade isn't it? Rising_Music.xzp
  12. i'll try to find it 1. Copy xma2encode from SDK install directory to "C:/Windows/System32/". 2. Open Audacity, File->Open (or Ctrl+O), select MP3. 3. File->Export Audio (or Ctrl+Shift+E), save as "song#.wav" for convienece (# = 1-8), and select "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM" as "SAVE AS TYPE:". 4. Navigate to where you stored the "song#.wav" and hold Shift+Right Click, select "Open Command Prompt here". 5. Type this in command prompt: "xma2encode song#.wav". 6. Wait for it to convert, there is no progress bar, but will produce "song#.xma" when finished, as well as bring up another input line(you can just press "UP ARROW" on keyboard to bring up last typed command, and change the number for quick converting all 8 songs). i'll keep looking thanks to try to helping my dear felida
  13. i want to fallow your own tuto and try it but i don't have the ressource could you sent it please THANKS BEFORE FELIDA
  14. i already using xzptool and extracted th file i got the main whit all directory i alredy changed background on a them for now i look for SDK XDK
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