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  1. Dear x1024,

    Please update JENOM skins (original and dark green) for Aurora 0.6b.

    Thank you so much!!!

    I love this skin!!

  2. This is an upcoming skin for Aurora 0.6b inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.
  3. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    Thank you guys, I'll see what can i do. But for "WebOS version in the menu", it's already done by M0514H with WebOS menu.
  4. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    of course i wanna hear your suggestions. please tell me.
  5. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    New version of the skin added to first post. (2017-05-07)
  6. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    No, it isn't, i try other languages with my console and it's all normal.
  7. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    OK, i have an idea guys. I will create another version of this skin with sharp corners (not rounded) and it will based on Aurora default skin to not have any problem like freezing in some consoles and etc. OK guys, tell me to do it or not?
  8. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    Because i don't have this problem with my console, i can't test and try to fix the problem. and it's too much work to rebuild the skin from the scratch. If anyone know a method to fix the problem, please tell me.
  9. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    I don't know why that problem happen with you guys, i tested the skin many many times and i didn't get any problem at all. maybe problem is with your Aurora installation, and maybe if you guys reinstall Aurora, problem may solved. try and inform me please.
  10. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    I'm tested the skin so many times and I'm not see that problem!
  11. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    Skin has been released. (Aurora 0.6b)
  12. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    Thank you Fabricio Messias De Godoi. This skin will not be any transparency in it, because the material design language. I'm trying to follow the rules of "Google Material Design" for making this skin. Maybe my next work will be transparent design in it.
  13. x1024

    [Skin] Material

    I don't really understand what did you mean! but I'm making this skin for Aurora 0.6b and i will update this after 0.7b when released.
  14. Material Skin for Aurora. ------------------------- Downloads: Skin: Material.xzp (Aurora 0.6b Version) - Rounded Corners Material 2.xzp (Aurora 0.6b Version) - Sharp Corners CFL: Material by x1024.cfljson Coverflow Layout is included inside the skin package, in case if you cannot apply it after installation of the skin, use the file above. --------------------------- Attention: After installation of the skin: open Menu by pressing "Back Button" go to View then Theme, after that Select Material cover layout. [just like last screenshot] For better looking disable Animate Background.
  15. Is there any way to put 'GamerPicture' and 'GamerScore' in an Aurora skin?
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