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  1. RedaMostaganem

    Sort by "Recent activity" not saving

    It's ok. I had to go to "Quick View" then "Show All" and modify "Sort" to "Recent Activity" from there to get it work. Works fine now. Thank you felida
  2. RedaMostaganem

    Sort by "Recent activity" not saving

    What do you mean with setting filter to default? I've just changed "Sort" from "Title name" to "Recent Activity". That's all i did. It worked fine on the previous version of Aurora, the 0.6b. Do I have to change some options before?
  3. RedaMostaganem

    Sort by "Recent activity" not saving

    Hello, When I try to sort games by "Recent Activity" it works, but when I play a games then come back to Aurora dash, it sorts games back again by "Title Name". Seems like it doesn't save changes. Im I the only one having this? If not i guess an update will solve the issue. Thanks in advance.
  4. RedaMostaganem

    Failed to create a public room from Xbox Unity

    I understand that, but that's what I don't want, I mean I want a room with a specific name not with my unity name with no password That's why I go to unity website. Is it possible?
  5. Hello, I want to create a public room on Xbox unity but it always says "failed to add Room." PS: I want to play with people from my country to avoid lagging, and i don't want to make it private because they don't know the password and there's no way for me to tell them. So how can I do? Thanks in advance.
  6. RedaMostaganem

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    Thanks for your reply, Well I was a "semi" pro player of an old game called Half-Life on PC and I can tell you that I've seen thousans of cheaters there (on non-steam servers). I know exactly how they cheat and how to deal with them. You can't tell a cheater stop that if he came just for it! and he can't stop if he's used to it…it's like drugs lol. He'll play like a noob without cheats. So the best solution is the "ban" option or at least the "kick" option, they are multiplying day after day 😏
  7. RedaMostaganem

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    I recorded this a few hours before Look how he makes headshots and sees throw walls [Aimbot + Wallhack] This is one of many cheaters on public servers I hope this will make changes in public servers πŸ˜”
  8. RedaMostaganem

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    If I could be a moderator I could save link from cheaters, I play COD BO2 too much when I'm not at work, or at least reporting them
  9. RedaMostaganem

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    It's really being a serious problem, iv'e seen about 15 or 20 players using cheats only in COD BO2 Iv'e just played against a player that uses cheats, his gamertag was "man3" Why is the "report" option greyed out? How can I report cheaters in public rooms? The only think I can do is blocking them to recognize them, maybe there will be an option to report them in the future
  10. RedaMostaganem

    Arab LiNK USERS

    Reda from Algeria Gamer tag : RedaMostaganem Fav games : COD BO2, COD Ghosts, Splinter Cell Blacklist, GTA V
  11. RedaMostaganem

    Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b

    Thanks for your response felida and sorry for being late I'll try it.
  12. RedaMostaganem


    Salam aleikom, My name is Reda, i'm from Algeria Add me on Facebook, I will create a group of Arab players https://facebook.com/RedaMostaganem I'm waiting for you guys πŸ˜‰
  13. RedaMostaganem

    Link algeria

    Salam aleikom, I'm from Algeria, my name is Reda πŸ™‚
  14. RedaMostaganem

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Great work. Thanks so much for the team working in all Aurora releases
  15. RedaMostaganem

    Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b

    Thanks felida for your answer Well i had a problem when i tried to dump my nand, the file was big (48 MB) ,i faced problems with the Xebuild Gui software. I followed this tutorial : I'll try the 1.4 version and see.