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  1. Unfortunately,this method didn't work.Please,I really need help.
  2. Thanks for the reply bro,I'll try that right now...
  3. And don't get it seriously,It's just a suggestion.You're doing good job by the way,and I really appreciate it,so keep going
  4. Yeah,I know,I was just need some help,or some suggestions,or just an opinion.But not the all work...I know that you have some work to deal with it,but I'm sharing my idea,maybe someone is interested,and try to help me,or even encourage me to work hard to achieve this,but apparently,no one is interested,so just forget it...
  5. Hi there,I've downloaded the latest title update,then the game asked me to install the data(It's 500mb as I think)Then te game freezes at the loading screen.Could someone help,please???
  6. Felida,could you watch this video,please?
  7. A dlc?Okay,let's say that we can do that.How we are going to do that?Is there are any method?Are you planning to do that to end our suffer?Please Felida,I really need an answer for those questions,Because it's a very confusing thing to me.
  8. I know that the modded consoles have access to the raw files,But,Can we turn the community patch which is released for PC only by some modertors into a Title Update that we can use in 360 versions?Thanks for the reply though.
  9. For some games,such as Borderlands,Skyrim...etc,There is something named community patch,It's like a modded Title Update,But,Only for PC.And if someone suggested that they(the community patch makers)do the same thing on the consoles,And sadly,The answers will be like that:(It is impossible to do that on consoles since there is no access to the raw game files like on PC).My question is,Is that true or not?.And if it is not,How can we do that.If anyone is interested,Here is a link for Borderlands 2 community patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxvf8w3ul4zuh93/Patch.txt?dl=0
  10. Thank you very much for this explanation.
  11. Thank you very much.I will not ask similar questions again.I do not support XBL hacking/modding/bypassing/ect...as well.
  12. I was just curious so... you know.And i am new at this site.
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