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Found 20 results

  1. Just as it says in the title, duke and singularity have the wrong title, I forgot what duke was but singularity had the title listed as xmen origins wolverine
  2. my aurora doesn't know how to change the Update status, I want to remove update 3, but even when I remove it, it still appears there, how do I clean it? and another is contrary to aurora does not recognize Update in the list of updates , of call of duty 3 HELP !!!
  3. Hello modders ! I have trouble starting language pack downloader by swizzy, although it says it's compatible with all aurora version ; it didn't work on any of 0.5 0.6 0.7 versions, as I try to execute the script this error shows up **ERROR : There was an error while downloading/processing the language pack list....**
  4. I found some bugs related to the new xbox 360 E (known as super slim). After he was done writing nand Glitcher, when the unit will start, he puts the cooler to a 100% and after a while goes down until it stabilizes again. And also the temperature readings of the office this buggy (as you can see in the photos). The rest of the temperature is well below the xbox 360 slim, what do mean rushed an improved cooling device, or these dials are also buggy! I do not know if it's from the creators of interresse freestyle and small repair these errors. I'm just posting to help even as a general! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Encontrei alguns bugs relacionados ao novo xbox 360 E (conhecido como super slim). Depois que foi efetuado a escrita nand glitcher, quando o aparelho vai iniciar, ele coloca o cooler a uns 100% e depois de um tempo vai baixando até estabilizar-se denovo. E também as leituras da temperatura da gabinete esta bugada (como você pode ver nas fotos). O restante da temperatura esta bem abaixo do xbox 360 slim, oque significa que acorreu uma melhora no resfriamento do aparelho, ou estes mostradores também estão bugados! Não sei se é de interresse dos criadores da freestyle reparar estes pequenos erros. Só estou postando para ajudar mesmo como um geral!
  5. Hi, recently I have a problem with aurora telling me that I need to update, sinze I tried to move aurora files from a external hard drive to a bigger one it started to pop a message to update Trainers and System link dont work due to this issue I already tried to Update, Unload all the plugins, Downgrading, Delete Cache, Do a fresh install (Even in a different flash drive) and no luck it keeps telling me it doenst recognize the plugin as shown in the image
  6. Hi, as the title says, Aurora refuses to download those assets, only downloading covers work. Livestrong is disabled, unity verification passes all tests, I have stable internet connection so I don't know what is the problem but I'm 99% percent sure that its not a problem on my end. Any tips? Thanks! baefa196-4f49-4d8c-a999-5d3bc98e4cbc.bmp 0c08a437-2048-49a1-9eb2-96992d6b1d28.bmp
  7. I make Aurora.XEX as the default via Dashlaunch, but when I turn my console off and on, I see the text "fatal crash" please help how do I make the aurora main menu
  8. The auto select/ load profile on boot fails to show all profiles across all storage devices. I have a live profile stored on a old type storage 32gb and the same profile stored on the internal drive and it fails to show the profile stored on the usb stick on startup. If I skip login from the startup window the profile shows up in the HUD and I'm able to log In with the profile stored on the USB stick. Both profiles show up in the official dash in RGH and retail nands.
  9. I have updated aurora from the app, an then the next time i launched it i gave me a "update avaliable" message, and it keeps requesting for it, i "updated" it 3 times and still request it. 0000000020180612233617700.bmp
  10. Latest Aurora release expects problems when trying to read profile data in Kinect Sport (4D5308C9). When trying to load profile in game itself - the whole system freezes. If the profile is already loaded - sometimes the game shows the message "cannot read the disk" (the game is started from HDD), sometimes it freezes a little bit after. FSD in the same time works without problem. Same problem in Splinter Cell Conviction (5553080B). The profile is loaded normally, but the whole system freezes during first few minutes of the game (I believe it happens immediately when the game is trying to save something in profile). FSD also works without any problem, however it does not find any trace of previous saves in profile made under Aurora - the game simply starts at the very beginning. Looks very bad for Aurora, have to move back to FSD.
  11. hi, First: Sorry for my bad english. i hope u can understand my Problems. i have installed Aurora 0.6 and everthing works perfecly. It download the GamesCovers (like my first Dash FSD 3). But when i download TU´s it will Show nothing (only the Install Path). Also when i will Play (Black Ops 3) in System link, i press system link on the guide. Then my xbox shutdown immidiently. I logged in with my Unity ACC (no Problem) and everything passed on LiNK test. i activate the portforwarding and Extendet Host fo my xbox IP adress. i checked with Dashlunch the settinges. but no success... please help my :-) Greetings for Germany
  12. Hello guys. Well, many times i've seen people using a hudscene in Aurora, just like in Freestyle, and then I realized that my hudscene in Aurora wasn't showing. I really want to use it because it's very useful. The archives are all properly installed, but the hud just doesn't appear! Can anyone of you help me? PS: Sorry for the bad English, I'm brazilian.
  13. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Multiplayer is false recognized as Halo: Reach in System Link. In the game main menu it is correctly shown but after selecting Multiplayer it swicthed recognization to Halo: Reach Title ID: 4D5309B1 Media ID: 00394009
  14. I wan to report some issues when using Aurora Asset Editor i try to use FTP Assets (put my ip and conect to my xbox) then get avaible assets but when i started to change stuff it crashed (sometimes i change a cover save it and crash somethimes 2 covers 1 bacground and crash) im not sure why it does that i found this error log (i hope it is usefull) does anyone have this problem? how do you solve it? if more information is need it just ask
  15. NisX

    No updates found

    Hi there guys, I had lot of problems with my internet connection lately (wifi) and i barely touch my xbox for like a month (different reasons), anyway now i get my internet problem fix and i connect my xbox to this new wifi connection, i try to download TU for some of the games on my libarby but on any game i try it says - no update found, already try with fresh new FSD, using default skin - still not working/same problem... i see my ip address and i can FTP, refresh covers, using fsd webui.... what can i do to fix it? - so annoying to add TU manually is it problem with my internet connection? does fsd no longer support TU downloads (since Aurora) ? pls help
  16. I will list here all things i recognize. Aurora 0.4b - Fatal Crash when launching xex from CD - Title Update Backup really needed ? - Aurora does not apply older TU when there are newer ones in XXXXXXXX / 000B0000 directory @ 09.04.2015 - First Aurora detected already installed TU´s , but after some days aurora do not longer recognice this already installed TU´s and DLC´s !
  17. before you close the topic and tell me to buy a new joystick please read also i have a video to poof (first i belive it was the joystick but i try 4 diferents joysticks) and all have the same problem it was a very low chance that all have the same exactly problem but of couse no imposible i get a extrange problem with RB botton it works you can push it but no holding. in some games like Gears 3 you need to push it 1 time to recharge (that works fine) but in other games you need to hold it to do some action like iron brigade (activate iman) or resident evil rev 2 (use heal) a few days ago i play iron brigade (using RB botton fine) (i play the game all last week) but i didnt remember exactly the day i didnt play because the RB botton didnt work (i belive i was the joystick) so i didnt pay attention (i didnt change anything in the dashluch or add any game or dlc at that point) next day i try to play againg with a diferrent joystick.. but i get the same problem I thought unlucky but no matter I have 2 joysticks more but prove the remaining 2 and Have the same problem I could not believe that they were all broken next day i dowload and move into my hhd verbatin Resident evil rev 2 (move it on pc) Doa5 last round (DLC) (use horizont to instal) Escape dead island (DLC) (use horizont to instal) then i play RE revelations 2 coop and my brother didnt have such RB problem (but he was using one of the joystick with problems) so i belive i was something wrong in my profile i try to load other profile but it didnt work ... try to load my brother profile and it didnt work I realized that always player 1 (no matter profile) get the RB problem finally i try disconected my hhd verbatin (there is aurora and all my games) and turn on my xbox and sudenlly player 1 RB botton works also i try diferents skins (included default and still got this problem) using aurora 0.4b dashlunch 3.14 dashboard 17150 i try to no pause the video (so dont believe that i change the joystick) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6dBNxJLXa4&feature=youtu.be video teste 2 joystick rb holding botton problem on player 1 i reboot the console 3 times to show that always player one has the rb problem the 3rt time i disconect eh hhd and turn on the console and the player 1 didnt have such problem srry about the bad quality of the video but i dint have anything else to record
  18. I've tried this gorgeous dash replacement, it's great, but not all my games show up when seting scan paths. They still appear in F3 / FSD. Most of them are GoD containers, and some of them are in paths with spaces... no special chars on paths and no scan folders have spaces, but some games have spaces in their paths. None of the games that appeared had spcaes in their paths. Full rescans doesn't change anything, and it does in FSD/F3 Adding more depth doesnt help. ideas?
  19. * I dont know where and how can I do a bug report so i put [bUG REPORT] in title, if Iam wrong please tell me. Hello, I'am testing the Aurora dash replacement (0.1a.1), and find a bug: When you select both Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade in filter, none games are showed on coverflow. I had no problems selecting other filters combination other than the cited above. This is my first post, so please have patience ** EDIT: Its not a bug, its a unimplemented function (as MaesterRowen says). The filter dont work with OR logic for now.
  20. On latest Aurora, and Diablo 3, [start] button is not working when Screenshot combo is enabled. When I disable the combo problem is gone.
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