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  1. thanks a lot guys. If you can push a hotfix it will be appreciated as I want to be able to update my games again, great work!
  2. Attachiing crash logs for this problem... http://pastebin.com/j7tXxQaV
  3. Im having this problem too... cant download Tus anymore, when I switch to any other device (and default Hdd1 isnt in my 4GB Trinity) it just hangs and I cant even launch the blade menu to soft reset Aurora, need to shut down inmediatelly
  4. That I can tell. Maybe because of the HOTFIX upgrade, I will boot to FSD and copy the Aurora files and start fresh. Also, I will record logs so I can send them to you
  5. I think I know what happened... - Added a bunch of folders to index - scan took a lot of time - restarted because stuff - scan didnt continue nor the rescan folder added new ones Keep the scan process and the media download process as resilient as possible Now I'm patiently adding folders one by one and waiting for each to finish scanning and downloading media EDIT: Well isolated now I will attach logs and hope you find something... Logs.zip
  6. I've tried this gorgeous dash replacement, it's great, but not all my games show up when seting scan paths. They still appear in F3 / FSD. Most of them are GoD containers, and some of them are in paths with spaces... no special chars on paths and no scan folders have spaces, but some games have spaces in their paths. None of the games that appeared had spcaes in their paths. Full rescans doesn't change anything, and it does in FSD/F3 Adding more depth doesnt help. ideas?
  7. I've found that activation links are not getting to hotmail or gmail. I didn't even know that I had to wait for an activation mail until I registered a yahoo acount. You could put that in the registration form! Also I would like the activation of my hotmail and gmail accounts. Thanks my users sebasoft@ sebasoft@ respectively EDIT: Also the forgot password email doesn't have the username, and exported JQ3 users doesn't have names so the mails is cryptic. Need more info on this mail.
  8. It seems that activation/forgot mails are not reaching hotmail accounts. Also link.jqe360.com activation links dont work I've lost my account name because of this. I'm a programmer and user registration is like 101, well... I narrowed it down the problem a little, hope it helps
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