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  1. Hi thanks for you answer i try to register in jqe360.com, and i recibe this message * ERROR - The username/email already exists. Please try again with different username and email. I try whit other mail and giveme the same error. I do not recibe the mail to confirm the account, and i not see any link or somthing to sendme again this mail. If i like to register whit other mail but the same Nick i cant. Sorry for my english
  2. Hi, i register my account in http://link.jqe360.com/ But when i register my account the page givme Error SMTP, and not recive the email to confirm the account. Y try to register again the account and sendme the email whit confirmation link but i click and givme this message "Sorry no such account exists or activation code invalid." When i try to login givme this error "You are not approved for login" in the link page not are any contact to send email or somthing. Thanks
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