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  1. I'm making this tutorial, because is a pain to re-download and set your custom covers again after you change the usb drive but keeps the same folder structure (like same hdd but different case). What happens is that when you change the usb, the device ID also changes, so the Aurora recognizes as a different device. Things needed: - A Computer - A SQLite3 database editor (I use DB Browser for SQLite for this tutorial: http://sqlitebrowser.org/) - your settings.db - A brain WARNING: Don't delete the scan paths from Aurora before doing this. - First of all, create a scan path with your new USB drive attached (don't delete old scan paths) and save. - Then grab your settings.db from "Usb0:/[Aurora folder]/Data/Databases/" folder. - Open the settings.db in the SQLite editor: - Then go to "Browse Data" tab and choose the "ScanPaths" table: - After choose the "ScanPaths" table you will see something like this (with different deviceId and different paths of course): - Now simply copy the new device id (double click to see full id) and replace all the old device id with it. - After replace then all, write the changes: - Finally replace your modified settings.db in "Usb0:/[Aurora folder]/Data/Databases/" - Be happy!!!!
  2. Awesome! Finally a screenshoot view option on the 360 scene This will be the best update. And devs, get ready to have headaches with a lot of ETA requests...
  3. Thank you Team Phoenix for all amazing work! As a novice programmer I really appreciate all this, and I know the hard work you guys do! Also thank you for the patience, that the moderators have with the community, is rare thing to happen on fórums!
  4. Is this normal? I see the Mortal Kombat X some time ago. Since MKX is not released, why shows on Unity (with Title ID: 5752084C )? Just Curious
  5. The focus of this CoverFlow Layout is the simplicity, no mirror, no flips (except on back cover), Is better use to see, but here are some screenshots: Normal: Flipped: TiltedLeft: PS: The theme used on screenshots is SteamOS by mrknorton: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4701-skin-aurora-steamos/ FloatingFlatty by caiquejd.zip
  6. No, this is a common bug on v0.4 that will be fixed on v0.5, for now we dont have a temporary workaround. [emoji6]
  7. Theres a way to lower the resolution of screenshots via http plugin? Maybe doing this is possible to make some sort of "low fps video stream"...
  8. Aurora v0.5b - Released! [Anti-zil0484 version] [emoji14] ---------------------------------- Anyway, we all want to see the new features (specially the filters tabs :3), but I think the devs are trying to make the release most stable, bug free and with more features as possible, so doing this is no needed to release a tons of versions and hotfixes, and that is good too for themers, so they dont need to keep keep updating after any alteration that Aurora do (althroug I dont think this is the real motive). I think that is it, correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Amazing! As a novice programmer I think the Quick View must have a lot of hard work. Congratulations, not only for the hard work but also for all patience in yours replys!
  10. Hi, I have a suggestion: Add a cover layout (or maybe cover layout + filter ??????) that show "two normal coverflows", one with xbox 360 games on top and one with xbla games on bottom. I dont know if is even possible, but is a good alternative for people that like games in tabs (like FSD).
  11. I dont know if this feature is already been requested, but in future updates can be possible to add a "screenshot manager" (screenshot that you take in game)? Maybe per game or all games at same time, it will be cool since you need to use pc to view the screenshots! Edit: I see now, this feature is already been requested, my mistake if needed close the thread
  12. This is on Aurora v0.4b Is not a really inconvenient bug, but if you press "A" two times quickly in Saved Games tab (one for enter the option and one for delete), the window will pop-up and will not disappear (you will manage all things behind the window), and only disappear if you restart Aurora. Thats all!
  13. would be great, I will be very grateful! is possible to do too a script that sort by Favorites first then A-Z later? Thank you!
  14. Wow, bye FSD! Is possible to add in futures updates a option to get notifications when new dlc's comes on xboxmarketplace or something similiar? Theres a way to show only Xbox 360/XBLA games (without homebrews and emulators) without hide? Thank you very much and congrats to the big work!
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