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  1. Sorry for replying too late... Just tested it by disabling the NOVA plugin but still the same error. I just downloaded the newest aurora release even checked the MD5 and sent the plugin files via ftp, but still the same 😢
  2. Nope still the same I tried to remove all drives on the xbox and do a fresh install on a new usb and still display's the same bug. I updated the kernel too and even tried to use an older a version of aurora without internet but strangely it still displays question marks (???) On plugin, even on 0.5! Do you think that the console is simply dying or somehow the flash storage got corrupted?
  3. Does anyone know how does aurora checks the plugin file version? or to why is this a common unsolved problem??? or even why this happens?
  4. Hi, recently I have a problem with aurora telling me that I need to update, sinze I tried to move aurora files from a external hard drive to a bigger one it started to pop a message to update Trainers and System link dont work due to this issue I already tried to Update, Unload all the plugins, Downgrading, Delete Cache, Do a fresh install (Even in a different flash drive) and no luck it keeps telling me it doenst recognize the plugin as shown in the image
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