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Found 4 results

  1. Hello modders ! I have trouble starting language pack downloader by swizzy, although it says it's compatible with all aurora version ; it didn't work on any of 0.5 0.6 0.7 versions, as I try to execute the script this error shows up **ERROR : There was an error while downloading/processing the language pack list....**
  2. before you close the topic and tell me to buy a new joystick please read also i have a video to poof (first i belive it was the joystick but i try 4 diferents joysticks) and all have the same problem it was a very low chance that all have the same exactly problem but of couse no imposible i get a extrange problem with RB botton it works you can push it but no holding. in some games like Gears 3 you need to push it 1 time to recharge (that works fine) but in other games you need to hold it to do some action like iron brigade (activate iman) or resident evil rev 2 (use heal) a few days ago i play iron brigade (using RB botton fine) (i play the game all last week) but i didnt remember exactly the day i didnt play because the RB botton didnt work (i belive i was the joystick) so i didnt pay attention (i didnt change anything in the dashluch or add any game or dlc at that point) next day i try to play againg with a diferrent joystick.. but i get the same problem I thought unlucky but no matter I have 2 joysticks more but prove the remaining 2 and Have the same problem I could not believe that they were all broken next day i dowload and move into my hhd verbatin Resident evil rev 2 (move it on pc) Doa5 last round (DLC) (use horizont to instal) Escape dead island (DLC) (use horizont to instal) then i play RE revelations 2 coop and my brother didnt have such RB problem (but he was using one of the joystick with problems) so i belive i was something wrong in my profile i try to load other profile but it didnt work ... try to load my brother profile and it didnt work I realized that always player 1 (no matter profile) get the RB problem finally i try disconected my hhd verbatin (there is aurora and all my games) and turn on my xbox and sudenlly player 1 RB botton works also i try diferents skins (included default and still got this problem) using aurora 0.4b dashlunch 3.14 dashboard 17150 i try to no pause the video (so dont believe that i change the joystick) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6dBNxJLXa4&feature=youtu.be video teste 2 joystick rb holding botton problem on player 1 i reboot the console 3 times to show that always player one has the rb problem the 3rt time i disconect eh hhd and turn on the console and the player 1 didnt have such problem srry about the bad quality of the video but i dint have anything else to record
  3. * I dont know where and how can I do a bug report so i put [bUG REPORT] in title, if Iam wrong please tell me. Hello, I'am testing the Aurora dash replacement (0.1a.1), and find a bug: When you select both Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade in filter, none games are showed on coverflow. I had no problems selecting other filters combination other than the cited above. This is my first post, so please have patience ** EDIT: Its not a bug, its a unimplemented function (as MaesterRowen says). The filter dont work with OR logic for now.
  4. I created this topic to learn how the report system works on link because my two accounts had already reached zero reputation and i don't know why. I did nothing. just played. anyone can report without comprovation? (sorry my english)
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