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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! So yesterday I was trying to set up Xbox Neighborhood. Used Dash Launch to select the xbdm plug in and decided to reboot the console, but after reboot it seems Aurora is stuck at scanning new title updates screen. I left it overnight hoping that would fix it but it didn't Is it a problem or is it normal? What else can I do?
  2. Hello everyone.today i need support on my query as i am new so plz help me.i have a xbox 360 e jtag. I installed arora and downloaded title updates for modern warfare 3 cod ghosts and black ops 2.i downloaded the latest updates and enabled them but when i enter the game it says tu 0 on system link.i also downloaded tu for borderlands the pre sequal and the latest update worked on it.Im really confused about what to do can anyone help me please?????
  3. NisX

    No updates found

    Hi there guys, I had lot of problems with my internet connection lately (wifi) and i barely touch my xbox for like a month (different reasons), anyway now i get my internet problem fix and i connect my xbox to this new wifi connection, i try to download TU for some of the games on my libarby but on any game i try it says - no update found, already try with fresh new FSD, using default skin - still not working/same problem... i see my ip address and i can FTP, refresh covers, using fsd webui.... what can i do to fix it? - so annoying to add TU manually is it problem with my internet connection? does fsd no longer support TU downloads (since Aurora) ? pls help
  4. I know you have xbins but some Tools are not up to date. This site always have the latest Downloads: http://www.eurasia.nu Maybe you can add this.
  5. Hello Forum, I have a problem with my xbox 360. It´s about downloading and updating with the F3 installer, it just won´t download anything, it seems like is going to download but just stays in 0 kbps and then disappers. The information is: Kernel Version 2.0.16537.0 Dash version 3.0b Rev775 Skin: Default Skin version 3.0b Rev775 I have another xbox that is 16203 and doesnt have any problem with the F3 installer. What can i do to fix it? Pardon my english. Thanks in advance, mates!
  6. Hi people! I'm new here. This last Friday, service returned my Xbox 360 Slim with brand new RGH. A really nice work. Everything works fine. For "everything" I mean: * 250 GB internal disk is full of games. All games work fine. * FSD 3 rev 775 responds in almost every aspect. * I have internet connection * I have JQE account and it succesfully login. * Covers update OK. Problem is with TUs updates. Example with CoD Black Ops. I select CoD BO in the library, I press "Y" to see "options" for the title. I select "TU updates" It shows me one TU. So, it is "marked" because it's the only one available. I press "Y" to download TU. And here starts the problem * The list become empty. Nothing happens. The "notification" that says "Transmitting or transferring content" (I don't know what's the word since I have my FSD in Spanish) never appears. * The dash, apparently, doesn't respond. Only options available are "A" or "B" to cancel. I press "B" but nothing happens. Finally, I press the big "XBOX logo" button in the pad and choose "FreeStyle dash" to "restart" dash and back to main menu. If I go and repeat the process with the same game, the TU is there again. So, as I said, I'm new with RGH and FSD. Thanks for your kind attention. Best regards.
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