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  1. Hey! Mark it as "solved". The default skin works great. TU's are downloading. Thank you!
  2. Thanks, man! First, I'll try with original skin. My friend is kind of a gaming psycho :-p (single, lives with his parentes... he has the time) and likes to use skins and customize everything. I'm a little far from that (married, two little girls, a full time job). I only want it working well the five minutes I have to play. I'll let you know if problem is solved. Best regards.
  3. Hi! Thanks for answering. Yes. I have a Dead Space theme that a friend of mine put on my Xbox. See, my friend has a fat 360 with RGH and has more "knowledge" or "experience" with video games. He took my 360 Slim and installed games and set up FSD 3 and all stuff. And, he change the skin / theme.. I'll try with the default skin once I back home. Now I'm at work. I'll let you know if it fixes my problem. Thanks!
  4. Hi people! I'm new here. This last Friday, service returned my Xbox 360 Slim with brand new RGH. A really nice work. Everything works fine. For "everything" I mean: * 250 GB internal disk is full of games. All games work fine. * FSD 3 rev 775 responds in almost every aspect. * I have internet connection * I have JQE account and it succesfully login. * Covers update OK. Problem is with TUs updates. Example with CoD Black Ops. I select CoD BO in the library, I press "Y" to see "options" for the title. I select "TU updates" It shows me one TU. So, it is "marked" because it's the only one available. I press "Y" to download TU. And here starts the problem * The list become empty. Nothing happens. The "notification" that says "Transmitting or transferring content" (I don't know what's the word since I have my FSD in Spanish) never appears. * The dash, apparently, doesn't respond. Only options available are "A" or "B" to cancel. I press "B" but nothing happens. Finally, I press the big "XBOX logo" button in the pad and choose "FreeStyle dash" to "restart" dash and back to main menu. If I go and repeat the process with the same game, the TU is there again. So, as I said, I'm new with RGH and FSD. Thanks for your kind attention. Best regards.
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