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  1. I've re installed Aurora from scratch now but the problem persists. It's properly backing up the updates now though.
  2. I've recently installed Aurora Dashboard and so far the problems I've encountered are minimal. recently I got a stealth server running and everything but title updates are working properly. This was not an issue previously, before I had stealth I was manually injecting title updates and games always seemed to be on the correct version. Now whenever I run a game that has a title update I am prompted to install it every time I start the game. What's especially strange is that if I run the same games through the NXE dashboard I am only prompted one time if an update is found. For context, I also had to move Aurora from my internal flash memory to my hard drive due to storage constraints. I made sure paths and DashLaunch were reconfigured accordingly. I noticed that after moving my `TitleUpdates` directory was gone, even after manually recreating it in my Aurora data directory the issue persists. I have also tried enabling automatic title update scans in addition to manually scanning for them. Another potential fix I tried was the database cleanup script but to no avail. Can I fix this without starting all over and re installing Aurora Dashboard?
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