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  1. Hi! I am very grateful for your contribution and glad to hear you are back! Perhaps you could fix the links that are down and reupload the mods, maybe using Mediafire or MEGA. Thanks,
  2. the saves aren't a problem, but I really wanted to add my acc
  3. Hey, so when modding my console I decided to completely reset the console, as a result all my saves, and games were wiped out but it wasn't much of a problem, now I wanna add my LIVE account in my modded console but I cant. Is there anyway to download my LIVE acc profile from PC and put it in the console?
  4. Hey guys! So I wanted to play some Fatal Frame which is a Xbox1 game. I watched YT tuts about using a partition fixer and pasting a compatibility file in my Hddx folder, I strictly followed the instruction. After I was done I decided to reboot my console, but when the Xbox 360 screen comes up it just fatal crashes. I've tried booting it up with my HDD removed but still the same result. I am guessing I messed up some important console files. Please need help.
  5. Hey! I was able to solve the problem yesterday by connecting my Xbox 360 HDD to my PC via SATA cable, opening up Xplorer360, and editing my main launch.ini (removed launch defaults and plugins). Thanks for replying
  6. I downloaded this one: https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4938-launchini/ Transferred to my USB, connected it to my Xbox and booted it up, but still the same thing.
  7. Tried it just now. It didn't work maybe I am doing smth wrong. Will it work If I connect my 360 HDD to my PC and remove Aurora as my default in main launch.ini? EDIT: Hmm the Xbox guide button seems to be working, I am able to use the file browser from there, tried launching Freestyle but the console freezes when I select it
  8. Weird. I've been using the mod menu for an year now and it worked flawless. I will try the USB method now. Thx
  9. I don't think it's the xbdm too. I use a GTA V mod menu and I downloaded the xbdm plugin from Modded Warfare's video. Also will putting a launch.ini file on a USB work? Wouldn't Dash Launch choose the one on my HDD?
  10. How do I boot from USB? Will it launch automatically?
  11. How do I boot from a USB? Will it launch automatically?
  12. Hey guys! So yesterday I was trying to set up Xbox Neighborhood. Used Dash Launch to select the xbdm plug in and decided to reboot the console, but after reboot it seems Aurora is stuck at scanning new title updates screen. I left it overnight hoping that would fix it but it didn't Is it a problem or is it normal? What else can I do?
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