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  1. If there´s no update, then it should tell me, in my other Xbox, it tells me when there is no update, this one just stays in "Preparing Update Info" in the F3 installer and it just cancells the update. In the Update tab, in setting, on the xex menu 1.2, it says "Couldn´t retrieve update info" or something like that, thanks anyway.
  2. Hello Forum, I have a problem with my xbox 360. It´s about downloading and updating with the F3 installer, it just won´t download anything, it seems like is going to download but just stays in 0 kbps and then disappers. The information is: Kernel Version 2.0.16537.0 Dash version 3.0b Rev775 Skin: Default Skin version 3.0b Rev775 I have another xbox that is 16203 and doesnt have any problem with the F3 installer. What can i do to fix it? Pardon my english. Thanks in advance, mates!
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