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    how can i add custom cover or background to a game? or cant i? (right now).
  2. NisX

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    btw Aurora dont have webui feature?
  3. NisX

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    i will keep fsd on the machine (never thought of actully deleting it) but i will remove some of the stuff there that i never actully use like themes and whatever.... may get some free space out of this though Aurora going to take this space :>
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    i see thx for your answer and you right i should have do little search here before post though i did search on google, so goodbye to FSD i guess :>
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    Hi there guys, I had lot of problems with my internet connection lately (wifi) and i barely touch my xbox for like a month (different reasons), anyway now i get my internet problem fix and i connect my xbox to this new wifi connection, i try to download TU for some of the games on my libarby but on any game i try it says - no update found, already try with fresh new FSD, using default skin - still not working/same problem... i see my ip address and i can FTP, refresh covers, using fsd webui.... what can i do to fix it? - so annoying to add TU manually is it problem with my internet connection? does fsd no longer support TU downloads (since Aurora) ? pls help
  6. can i set it to load the covers art, icons,info banners....... that i already have installed/use on fsd? i want to add this as a path when boot xbox and holding A button (through Dashlaunch) and stay with fsd for normal boot until full version will be released.
  7. copy the xbox ip (u can see them on the fsd) to ur browser of course will the xbox is open then u will get to fsd web UI insert pass and user name- user name- f3http pass- f3http if u didnt change it, choose xbox360 games or else pick the game edit whatever u like and choose save. Thats it
  8. NisX

    Problem with JQE360

    I had to re install FSD completely and now after i done it i still get some missing covers so i wanna to add them by using jqe360 site im not sure if im missing something (i dont want it for using link at all just for install missing covers) - I created a Account to jqe360 and verify it by mail I sign in to jqe360 in both from the pc and from the xbox on the fsd - general settings - jqe360.com - i insert password and user name then press link console to jqe360 a msg says appear Successfully configured conection to the server, then i back to the pc choose/find the covers i was missing and press on install to xbox i waited 10 seconds (like it says) then i go to my account settings and i could see the cover on the Download Queue list so i waited for it to update and nothing also tried restart the FSD even reboot the whole xbox still none of the covers i add from the jqe360 site appear. can any 1 pls help? i also tried highlighting the game press Y and select refresh artwork a ouple of time still nothing
  9. ok done and done I hope it will fix the problems permanently i left it download the art stuff Thanx for the support again
  10. let me see if i get it right i change the path thats on the default and set it to the new 1 then move and highlight the hdd and when the menu appear press x (save it) then it set and when i boot again it will boot to the new 1, one last question i already have a launch.ini file on my hdd from the old 1 so it will just update him right? it will not create new 1 over it.
  11. I change the path to the new fsd folder on the Dashlauch but it still load the old 1 when i boot and when i back to the dashlauch i still see the old one as the default path how do i make it save and make it apply the changes on the launch.ini ?
  12. IM going to try it now buddy will replay back with how its work Thanx alot
  13. i know thats my saves and stuff like this will not be deleted bcuz of the fsd im not that noob i was talking about the custom made covers,info,banners,themes....................... anyway im done thinking im going to do it
  14. Thanx for try to help buddy let me explain things a little further gadabma and the fsd web ui basically doing the same thing but the fsd web ui its alot more easy to use u dont need to install any softwere u just enter ur ip on ur browser then easily select any game u like from the list and change whatever u want also control the fsd himself........................ i would have recommend using gadabma only to who thats dont have access to internet connection on thier xbox. anyway back to her point if i will create 1 more fsd folder i will still lose the covers and all the others stuff that will still stay attached to the old one and will have to download everything all over again............... just letting u know buddy im using the xbox internal HDD thats came with the xbox (250gb) which for right now left with 6.6gb only and external HDD of 500gb which left with 4gb only , my currently fsd folder size 5gb at least if u count all the skins,covers..................... so basically with the new fsd folder i would create after it will done download all the covers and all the others stuff, i will left with just 1 or 2 gb (i know i can do a little clean up) but there most be a way to copy those stuff from my old fsd to the new so i will can delete the old 1 bcuz leave her at the HDD will be just a waste anyway i have got some serious thinking to do
  15. Using FSD 3 REV 775 (lateset version) installed on the xbox internal HDD, just like it was always the problems only appear after a month (plus/minus) passed from the moment i update to the lateset FSD version from the offline install package thats i download from this site never had such a problems before (using FSD for almost 2 years now) IM on 16203 dash (i still didnt update to 16537 ) but i dont think it have anything to do with the fsd dash even if it does this FSD version came up before the whole 16537 update so it should match up to the 16203 dash version to, anyway im on the lateset dashlaunch which i update a couple of day ago............... i may have to delete my FSD install and install every thing from the start but then i will lose all the info,covs,skins and ther stuff i add, is there other way to fix it without delete? is there a way to re install fsd without delete all this stuff such as cover,skins,info......
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