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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to my Freestyle Dash Theme Thread! Been away from the theming scene for some time... got my creative spirit again, so i updated all my old themes. Screenshots: METRO WALL View and METRO COVER View (Thanks Tomamas14) Banner View Bug Fixed: Thanks TeamFSD for all the hardwork you guys done for all to enjoy!!! PLEASE ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE COPYING THIS THREAD OR USING IMAGES FOR USE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES!!!! I do not take credit for the pics used, credit goes to their creators. I merely used pics and edit them for the themes. Hope you guys enjoy them and please leave me any comments/feedbacks! Thanks!!! Many thanks goes to themer, blackened dove for being a great mentor on theming. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have made it this far in FSD theming! Many thanks my friend! After learning from him, I have changed the theme colour from default green to purple. Latest skin.xur gave me a few issues on purple palette for colour bar, thus as a result, I have used dove's skin.xur as a template for my themes. ====================[iMPORTANT - PLEASE READ]==================== RaR Password: xbox360themes97 ======================[LATEST EDITIONS]====================== TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES REMIX SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - ATLANTA FALCONS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - OAKLAND RAIDERS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download WARCRAFT X STARCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS SKYCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs - 3 Versions Stages - NEW- Got idea from Gromber's MGR theme. Download GTA V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download THE QUEENS OF HEARTS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BIOSHOCK INFINITE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MARVEL X CAPCOM HYBRID Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID REVOLUTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FRANK MILLER'S BATMAN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLACK OPS NUKETOWN 2025 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download HALO - CORTANA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MORTAL KOMBAT OUTWORLD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BEN 10 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL 6 Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download OUTRUN ARCADE ONLINE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RUMBLE ROSES TRIPLE-X Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUTHPARK Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GUILDWARS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CHAINSAW LOLLIPOP Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GEARS OF WAR Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GTA COLLECTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY WORLDS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SILENT HILL ZERO Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL: OPERATION RACCOON CITY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLEACH RELOADED Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DEVIL MAY CRY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NARUTO Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NINJA GAIDEN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS EFFECT: SHEPARD'S ELEVEN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S AGE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DARKSIDERS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CALL OF DUTY COLLECTION Wallpaper Content Tabs Download EZIO THE ASSASSIN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY - SERAH FARRON Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METROID - SAMUS ARAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOLDEN AXE - TYRIS FLARE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SYSTEM SHOCK - SHODAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUL CALIBUR V Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S CALL Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FANTASIA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download WARCRAFT Wallpaper Download TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC REMIX Wallpaper Download PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOD OF WAR - KRATOS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SONS OF ANARCHY Download
  2. SETTING UP YOUR NEW JTAG OR RGH XBOX 360 Just got your hands on that sweet RGH or JTAG Xbox of yours? Perfect! Feeling overwhelmed with all the updating, connecting, more updating and even more setting up? This tutorial will teach you how to set-up your console from scratch, all the way from the beginning to pretty much everything. Everything you do here is basically MANDATORY FOR RGH/JTAG USERS! Lets get started! THE FIRST BOOT & SETTING UP FSD (FREESTYLE DASH) So you've turned on your Xbox, and you're taken to the main dashboard, something that looks like this: Moving on - this dashboard is the old basic boring one. If you're happy with it, stick with it. But if you're looking at some cool stuff, let's move on, shall we? So, to start it off, you need a USB Stick. Any USB stick. Has to be at least 2GB though. Plug it into your Xbox 360, into any USB Port, and press on the Right Bumper (RB) until you get to the last page on the basic dashboard. Go ahead and Select 'System Settings' and navigate to 'Storage'. Now highlight your USB device, and press A on it and configure the USB. After a few minutes, your UBB will be configured to your Xbox. You may now unplug your USB. Head to your PC, hopefully Running Windows (Tutorial will use Windows), and run Horizon (Installation .exe attached below - named 'Horizon Setup.exe' or from right here ⇢ or download it from here). Horizon is a very useful tool used for many things moving forward in the RGH and JTAG community. But for now, open it up, and plug in your USB. It should recognise your USB, and you should get a screen that looks something like this: I'm assuming you did get something like that ⇈, if you didn't, try re-configuring your USB in the Xbox and Plugging it in again on your PC with Horizon open. Now, download XEXMenu (also attached down below or right here ⇢ or you could just get it from here). Extract the .zip file by right-clicking on the downloaded file, and clicking on extract. Once extract is complete, you should see a file named something like 'C0DE99990F586' and a bunch of stuff after that in a folder named XEXMenu. Drag and drop that file into Horizon with the USB plugged in, and a popup within Horizon will come up. On the top right corner, click on 'Save to Device' and select your USB (Flash Drive). Now wait till another popup comes saying that the process has completed. Once done, just pull out your USB. We're going to go back to your Xbox, and we are going to plug in the USB. Navigate your way to 'System Settings', then to 'Storage' and press 'Y' when you're highlighting your USB device. Move everything on the USB stick to your consoles HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or Memory Unit. Once done, we no longer require the USB - for now. Get back to the main basic Dashboard, and get to games. Run the game demo named 'XEXMenu 1.2'. Back on your PC, download FreeStyleDash (a.k.a FSD) (not attached below but you can get it from here). While you wait for the download to complete, plug back in the USB that was configured to your Xbox and format it to your PC. Now you should be able to use it as a normal USB. So once the download completes, extract and move the folder named FreeStyleDash3 to your USB, looking something like this: Go back to your Xbox, plug the USB in, and if you are following this properly, you should have XEXMenu opened up. It should automatically open up your USB - but f it doesn't just press on the Right Bumper (RB) until you get to it. Navigate and highlight the FSD (FreeStyleDash3) folder, and Copy it by pressing on the 'Y' then 'A'. Press 'X' and select your HDD (press 'A' on it) and paste the folder there by pressing 'Y' and selecting 'Paste'. Let it finish. Once its done, remove your USB - and navigate in your HDD to inside the FreeStyleDash3 Folder, and run 'default.exe' by highlighting it and pressing 'A'. Wala! Your new custom Dashboard! Eat some Ice-Cream! SETTING UP CONSOLE TO BOOT DIRECTLY TO NEW DASHBOARD (DASHLAUNCH) Okay - so you've installed FSD, but whenever you turn on your Xbox, it boots into the basic old BORING dashboard! Lets fix that. Open up XEXMenu and get that USB. Head to your PC and Plug it in. Download Dashlaunch (Attached down there ↴ or just get it from here → or download from here). Extract and put it onto your USB. Go back to your Xbox, plug it in, and in XEXMenu, do the same process of Copying and Pasting the folder of Dashlaunch to your HDD (If you didn't read how to, it the paragraph right above this one ⇈). After copying completes, remove the USB, and open the DashLaunch folder in the Xbox. Open the other folder inside named 'Installer' and run the file named 'default.xex' inside. If you get a pop up windows asking to update, go ahead and update. Now, press 'A' on 'Paths' and go down to default. Press 'A' on it, and then browse to your FSD (FreeStyleDash3) folder and press 'A' on the 'default.xex' file, like this: Now press 'A' on Paths again, and the menu will close. Press 'A' on Network and press 'A' on pingpatch to enable it. Next, just make sure liveblock is enabled, because you don't want a banned Xbox:banned: , now do you? Now one last thing - close the Network menu by pressing 'A' on Network, and go down to Configurator and press 'A'. Enable ftpserv. Don't screw with anything else. Press RB (Right Bumper) and you should get a screen like this: Highlight your main HDD or MU (Memory Unit), in my case, HDD and press 'X' on it, then press 'A' on it. Now press 'B' to exit Dashlaunch - you should now load up into FSD! Thats it! INSTALLING AND RUNNING GAMES WITHOUT A DISK So, now you've got an xbox that's got Dashlaunch, that has FSD installed - so lets get those Xbox DVDS hanging around on your Game Lists! Boot up your console, and guess what - it booted straight to FSD! YAY! Navigate to DVD Extract, which will look something like this: Select it, and your DVD drive will come out. Put in your game, and click on Okay. Your DVD drive will go back inside. Now just wait a bit, Information on your game will be extracted. Choose your destination path and click on 'Start Extract' Now wait until completed. Once complete, navigate back to the 'Settings' menu in FSD, down into 'Content', and down to 'Manage Game Paths'. Press 'Y' and click 'A' on change path. Navigate to the path that you extracted your game, and open the folder up so that you can see the 'default.xex' file inside. Press 'Y' to select the directory. Now on Scan Depth, increase it to the number of directories you entered, so in my case below, four. Now just press 'X'. Go back to the dashboard menu, and wait for about 30 seconds. Now just go to games, and your game is there! Congrats! Have a drink! GETTING THE WEATHER ON YOUR CONSOLE Alrighty! Some done, more to go! Tired? Better feel for me - I typed all this for YOU! If you haven't noticed yet, the pictures above show the weather, because my console has the weather application set-up on it! Lets show you how to do that! So first off, go to Settings, and go to General Settings. Now go to Weather Settings. In the textbox beside or under ApiKey, enter one of the following ApiKeys: 1) y9s7fy2gm8bjbmbrdahdums6 2) 7upfgf44xs3t9xeh8wcxcztz It should look something like this: Now enter your Zip code or City name in the respective box, and select your city in the box underneath (The big gray box in the screenshot above). Once done so, press 'B' and go to General Settings, and enable 'Show Weather on Startup'. You might even want to enable 'Display Temperature in Celsius'. Re-Boot your Console. Your dashboard will now have the weather like below: Now check out your temperature! UPDATING TO THE LATEST DASHBOARD NON-CORONA & CORONA This part of the tutorial will cover updating to the latest dashboard on any other console other than a Corona. If you don't know your console type, just run DashLaunch and look at the bottom right corner. So to begin, you'll need your Console's CPU key. Get it by running DashLaunch, and pressing RB until you get to 'Miscellaneous', and press 'A' on 'System Info' Your CPU key will be written on the top left of the window. Write that down somewhere. Go to your PC, and plug in your USB. Download and extract 'Simple 360 NAND Flasher (attached below, or download from here → or just get it from here). Copy the entire extracted folder to your USB and plug the USB into your Xbox. On your console (im assuming you are running FSD) navigate to File Manager, open up your usb, and browse to inside the directory of 'Simple 360 NAND Flasher', and run the 'default.xex' file inside. You will want to dump your nand to a file, so press 'X'. Wait for the process to complete. Once complete, press any button to exit. Pull out your USB, and head over to your PC. Run xeBuild, which is the file named 'xeBuild GUI 2.0.exe' (also attached below, or download from here → , or from here). Plug in your USB. In xeBuild, beside Source, click on 'Open' and browse for the file named something like 'flashdmp.bin' in the Simple 360 NAND Flasher Folder. Then click on 'Save' Underneath, and select the same folder. Now, enter the CPU Key we extracted earlier in the textbox beside CPU Key. Under the place where you enter your CPU Key, Click on the drop down menu under Kernel Version and select the latest version (currently 16547). Now for MAKE SURE YOU CHECKMARK 'DISABLE FCRT.bin CHECK'. Click on 'Generate Hacked Image' on the bottom of the window. Wait for the process to complete. There will be a popup, click on 'Yes'. Now remove your USB and go back to your Xbox. Plug it back in, and rn Simple 360 NAND Flasher again. This time however, press 'A' to flash your NAND. Wait for the process to complete. Your console will shutdown. Wait with your console off for 40 seconds, and turn it back on. If when turning on, the Xbox Logo comes up, you're good to go! GETTING THE AVATAR UPDATE (IF YOUR AVATAR IS NOT SHOWING UP) So your lovely avatar is all greyed out! Lets fix that! Considering you're on the latest dashboard (which you have to be), the avatar update is one easy thing. On your PC - go to the Xbox Update website (or click here) and scroll down to 'Copy to a USB Flash Drive', and download the Update File. Plug in your USB, and extract the folder inside and move the ENTIRE $Sytemupdate Folder onto the ROOT of your USB Drive. Once complete, rename the folder to $$ystemupdate and remove your USB from the PC. Run on your Xbox console, and wait for FSD to completely load. Once so, press the Xbox Guide button, press RB all the way to the end, and select System Settings. Once System Settings is open, press 'B' until you are on the Basic original Dashboard. Now Plug in your USB, and a popup should come up saying to update, so UPDATE! PREPARING FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP) Lets learn how to control and transfer files on our Xbox without a USB! First off, you need a PC connected to the Internet. Then you need a Xbox connected to preferably the same internet network. If you don't know how to connect your Xbox to the internet, Press the Guide button on the Xbox controller, then RB until you get to the end. Select 'System Settings' and it the same drill as always from there, except for the part that you will get an error in the verifying connection to Xbox Live, so dont freak out no me over here. So back on the PC, we need a FTP Client. I prefer GODspeed, as it is based completely to match your xbox needs, but you can use any other client such as FileZilla as well. So open up GODspeed or FileZilla (download from below or here → or from here or here), and follow your respective tutorial below: FOR GODspeed ↴ Okay, so get GODspeed open on your PC, and Turn on your Xbox. Once your xbox is on and booted up in FSD, take note of the number on the bottom left corner (if you are still in the default skin). It should be something like ''. If you dont see it, try pressing the Right Joystick inward, so you hear the 'click'. Now the number should come in the bottom left. If it says N/A, you haven't connected your Xbox to the internet correctly. Back on GODspeed, you will see the main window divided into two sections, one on the right, for your Xbox, and one on the left, for the directories of your PC. Click on 'New Connection' and in the popup that comes up, enter the details as you wish, except where it says Address, enter the number you noted down from the bottom left corner of your FSD homepage. The port should still be 21, unless you screwed around with it, which we didn't here. Now one last step, When you are filling out your console's information inside, make sure you click on the 'Change' button and enter 'xbox' (without the '') for both username and password. Then just click Okay and you're good to go! Now just double-click on your console to connect to it! To transfer files.ect, look at the commands on the bottom of the window. Your setup should have looked something like this: FOR FileZilla ↴ Okay, so get FileZilla open on your PC, and Turn on your Xbox. Once your xbox is on and booted up in FSD, take note of the number on the bottom left corner (if you are still in the default skin). It should be something like ''. If you dont see it, try pressing the Right Joystick inward, so you hear the 'click'. Now the number should come in the bottom left. If it says N/A, you haven't connected your Xbox to the internet correctly. Back on FileZilla, you will see the main window divided into several sections, mainly consisting of one on the right, for your Xbox, and one on the left, for the directories of your PC. On the top of the window, there is a textbox beside 'Host'. In there, enter the number we noted down earlier from FSD. Next, just put 'xbox' (without the '') for username and password, and leave port as 21. Click on connect, and you're up and going! Your setup should have looked something like this: You probably felt like all this went over your head! ENJOY YOUR NEW CONSOLE SETUP! All the files used in this tutorial so far can be downloaded as a bundle, including all the source files and pictures.ect from here
  3. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a LUA Script allowing access to friends from xbox unity from using other scripts, or your own. Then if you could make a party chat for your friends to talk to them in game and from Aurora dash. I would also like the party option to be on the pop up dash, in the same part as joining xbox link/unity. But also it justing being a script works to. If possible to have the party chat script or in, pop up dashboard. To has access to xboxunity website friends list to create a party on the website and you join from website. Finally to have the option to join anyone or create your own party on xboxunity site. So the choices are run party chat from xboxunity site, 2nd to run on jtag/rgh from scripts menu on aurora dash, 3rd to have the option on the pop up dash. A special please and thanks if created and for reading my suggestion.
  4. First thing you need to do is update to FSD 2.0 RC 1.8, after it downloads and installs it will reboot into the new dash. Make sure that all of the games discs are visible in your games list, if you have disc 2 inside the disc 1 folder either take it out or add the path to disc 2 in your content paths settings. Once you are sure all your multi disc games have all of their discs visible in the games list you can go into the settings and clear your DB(utilities -> settings -> general settings -> reset settings -> clear data). This will rescan everything and download all of your art again, this may take some time depending on how much of a filthy pirate you are . While it does that FTP into your JTAG and delete the swap.xex you have in the root of your harddrive if you have setup the dashlaunch disk swapper plugin, you should also delete you multi.ini. Edit your launch.ini and remove the call for swap.xex in the plugin section. Ok so now you have everything downloaded and multi disc games auto swap for you YAY! Now having 2 copies of the same game in your games list is starting to bug the shit outta you.... no problem, go to the duplicate game in your games list and go to the options. Select move game and then no section. Now that game is still in your DB but does not show up in the visual list. Another great release team ** The Plugin now works with extracted and GoD games in Freestyle Dashboard 2.0 RC 2.0+
  5. ola, tudo bom I searched everywhere but found nothing NOT About assunto.queria Change skin Name one, i que That picture it FICA When Choosing already changed Everything OS backgrounds, music , a photo To start , I saw A gta quería if you change the name , since I tried hair notepad but When replacing the prefecture SHE DOES NOT work more , guys CAN help me por favor ? GTA V-Aurora 5b.xzp.xzp
  6. Hello everyone im ToDDsMoDDs from youtube and i just got this update on my rgh idk if it's just an avatar update but what i see so far im pretty sure its not so i guess prepare yourselves for an update coming out soon. Here is proof. https://gyazo.com/a0ccef3c54ab181dc170fa86636ff3ef https://gyazo.com/1dcfaf10d0c04e10dc60157ce717a35b https://gyazo.com/702fbbc64442f870321d6949a90fd780 https://gyazo.com/1b2f13227fd26c7e5a82c2ddf9c54298 https://gyazo.com/36ec4173af5a4df648a4ce5eac43c752 https://gyazo.com/21607d4b705780da5e118ff60cc4dc5b https://gyazo.com/fa216147ce304071ce8a3dd003838e70
  7. Some of you might know us from F3, the soon to be number 2 dashboard replacement for Xbox 360. We are Phoenix, and we bring you Aurora, the new number one dashboard replacement! With Aurora we went back to the core of what a dashboard should do, which is launch your titles, and look fancy while doing that. Aurora boots straight into the title list and uses filters and sort instead of predefined tabs. Written from the ground up it has been optimized to run fast, smooth and stable. This is the first alpha version we want to share with you, while it contains disabled features and probably some bugs, it has proven to be pretty stable already. Features: Boot straight into coverflow Lua scripts for filters, sort methods and subtitles Support locale files to translate the dashboard and skin Custom coverflow layouts Quick browse game list Game details Manage your game list when your devices aren't connected And of course fully compatible with Freestyle Plugin (LiNK) and the new and improved Unity website Disabled features in alpha: View Previews / achievements / related content Please post bugs in the support forum. Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support Current versions: 0.1a r431 Binaries 0.1a r431 Skin 3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin UPDATE #1: Please use this revised package as there is a bug in the original release that will delete your games under rare conditions when hitting the Refresh button in the Game Options. (Thanks Gromber) UPDATE #2: A new update has been released for Aurora. Click here to find out more. Link: Aurora 0.1A - Release Package - Hotfix #1.rar Cheers, Phoenix
  8. If like me, you are a big fan of the rebooted Dante from the DmC series, you may like this Theme. Splash Screen Preview DmC.xzp
  9. hi my console to update 16756 and I wonder if they will get a version of dashlaunch for that dash else who develops the dashlaunch to ask something
  10. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=MymOFqanFII MIGRATE FROM FSD2 TO F3 - IMPORTANT REORGANIZE DATABASE - IMPORTANT SAMBA FILES 32/64bit Manuals Changelog Infos GaDaBaMa_2_2_1.rar
  11. Dash Launch 3.02 ---------------- Currently the project is missing the following supported translations: Japanese, Korean, Polish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese traditional Currently supplied translations: English, French, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian The skin pack includes the sources used to skin dash launch as well as the string files if anyone wishes to create a translation to one of the above languages (inlcuding English, as I know my explanations are not always easy to understand.) Also included is a c# based editor for the string files to assist in translation. External fonts, background image and skins may be used by this, simply place skin.xzp and/or font.ttf and/or background.png (1020x720) beside default.xex. If neither location has a font file supplied the system font on flash will be used. Welcome to The Next Level **** at time of this writing, this is ONLY compatible with: jtag : 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574 glitch : 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574 glitch2: 14717, 14719, 15574 (trinity will show up as glitch2) **** ================================================================================ Overview - what it does ================================================================================ - It will launch a XeX or CON file from the path you specified in launch.ini as long as it's valid - Depending on the button you hold when the xbox is trying to load the NXE, it will divert to the xex/con tied to that button or return to default as defined in launch.ini - At boot time it is possible to subvert default item and/or NXE loading, but you must wait until the controller syncs to do so - Depending which button is held when closing miniblade in NXE (use Y button to close, release then hold a QL button) it will quick launch a CON or XEX from your ini file - allows one to patch kernel/xam at bootup with a freeBOOT patch style bin file from usb or hdd (in that order) must be in root of the device and be named "kxam.patch" and be no larger than 0x4000 bytes. Again, kxam.patch binary format is the same as a compiled freeboot patch bin, but uses real virtual addresses rather than offsets - see 1.0 release for a windows patch builder - with the included patch set, launch.xex acts as a helper to detect when xbox1 emulator loads, allowing memory unlock patch and xbox1 emulator to function together ================================================================================ Installation ================================================================================ - have the required hacked kernel version installed on the console - get the installer to a place where you can run it, and do so. Follow onscreen instructions if any. The installer will prompt you if it needs to update the kernel/hv patches and will give you an opportunity to configure stuff. - edit the options, and dont forget to save them somewhere if you want them to be applied next boot. Don't forget to set configapp to the installer, so you can go to it any time via miniblades' system settings (hold RB to go to real system settings) - the back button is your friend if you are wondering what button to push ================================================================================ ChangeLog ================================================================================ V3.02 - add italian translation - thanks Gnappo! - correct mobo/edram order in shuttemps and installer - update Spanish translation - correct version number - add RThumb and LThumb for paths (analog controller button when you press them down) - add autoswap option for multidisk games (see notes above) - remove beta tag - add 15574 - correct bug in hv patches in 14717/14719 - add poweron reason to tembcast data, document struct sent in the supplied .py script - fixed problem with loading on older (<13xxx) firmwares, thanks KneelB4ZD for the donor image! dash_launch_v3.02.zip
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