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  1. this is the repository in github:https://github.com/LestaD/SourceEngine2007 and yours help me a compiled? I´m aren´t know why error on libcMTD.lib ,1>..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\libs1\libcMTD.lib : fatal error LNK1136: archivo no válido o dañado the utils found in /SourceEngine2007/src_main/utils/xbox help me to compiled tools please PD.-I do not know where this post is really a mod that will tell me where this type of post
  2. hello looks have seen that there plugins for dashlaunch to connect to live will not be able to do the same but say by connecting to a public server as well as LINK?
  3. eee nop xeBuild use the version for 16756
  4. ya me funciona el dashlaunch 3.12 en el dash 16756 utilice xebuild nueva version
  5. I can be your beta tester
  6. hi my console to update 16756 and I wonder if they will get a version of dashlaunch for that dash else who develops the dashlaunch to ask something
  7. mmm the crash tag team racing is not playable with the xbox emulator on xbox360 nov 2007
  8. jpluzze hey I do not get what you get when you hit the Guide button sorry my bad english my dash is known as meter
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