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  1. You need xuitool and edit the xur file (forgot which one). You would add a soundclip - which you would link the file. Sound file has to be either XMA or WAV, mp3 not allowed.
  2. Hitting homeruns begal!!! Very nice job. I would be interested in more backgrounds if you ever release it.
  3. THanks to the entire team here! If it weren't for you guys, I would never have made my collection of themes for FSD!!! (I'm planning to make an Aurora theme sometime in near future). Also thanks to you too begal!I loved your fsd themes and the dashlaunch themes too!
  4. Thanks for the helpful video! Will help those grasp the basics!
  5. Nice job! Nice to see more skinners out now for Aurora!
  6. I was able to add wav sound files to fsd3 themes by adding sound clip into xui file. Im assuming the same can be done for aurora by editing xui files. Adjust volumes of sounds with audio editors.
  7. looks familiar! lol btw your link is for your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles file.
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