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  1. I understand Aurora/FSD does not matter, but anyway - I can see the problem. As for other Kinect games - Kinect Sport 2 works well in both. Just created the second profile - the problem still exists.
  2. 1. I did not dl/install any TU for Kinect Sport, so it is not the problem. 2. Once again: I deleted saves and start game from scratches. Aurora fails - FSD - not. Anyway - I have checked in stock dash also, no errors. 3. Since both Aurora and FSD use the same saves - why FSD does not expect problems?
  3. felida First of all thank you for your kind reply. I am a little bit surprised it is not devs who answers in support section, but sometimes users are more friendly and less busy - so anyway it's cool. Concerning the topic: unfortunately I cannot confirm the reasons you mentioned are really the source of the problem. 1. I have about 10 Gb free space at drive. If the free space is the problem - why FSD works well? 2. Possibly it was not clear but I have started all problem games at first time, so there were no any saves, actually they should be created. 3. As for now FSD works well and saves well. Anyway Aurora still cannot start Kinect Sport. 4. I've checked the memory section in Aurora, there is no problem with yellow circle. 5. I've tried to delete saves in Kinnect Sport and run it once again. Still - Aurora has problem, FSD - not.
  4. Latest Aurora release expects problems when trying to read profile data in Kinect Sport (4D5308C9). When trying to load profile in game itself - the whole system freezes. If the profile is already loaded - sometimes the game shows the message "cannot read the disk" (the game is started from HDD), sometimes it freezes a little bit after. FSD in the same time works without problem. Same problem in Splinter Cell Conviction (5553080B). The profile is loaded normally, but the whole system freezes during first few minutes of the game (I believe it happens immediately when the game is trying to save something in profile). FSD also works without any problem, however it does not find any trace of previous saves in profile made under Aurora - the game simply starts at the very beginning. Looks very bad for Aurora, have to move back to FSD.
  5. Any chance to see some (smb/ftp) client in future Aurora releases?
  6. If ConnectX is the same part used in FSD to connect to smb shares - I should notice there was no problem in displaying Unicode named resources as well as copying them. Yes, I remember the whole copying process in FSD has at least one bug, but we are discussing another thing now. So in this way you could fix the error because it is caused the way how Aurora processes the data from ConnectX. If not - possibly you could not fix it because the problem could be in ConnectX itself. In this case - is it possible to include at least FTP client addon into Aurora? Assume it as a feature request in this case. I am not a technical expert in this case, but there is a LUA-based client. Actually it is based on beta libraries, but possibly it is stable enough to do the job at this stage. Please let me know if some additional tests are required or you need some more information from my side. I can do it till Friday, then I have to go to trip for a month or so with no access to my Xbox.
  7. gjf

    F3 crash

    Let's move to appropriate thread to discuss it. This one can be closed now.
  8. gjf

    F3 crash

    I am not an online player, man And you are almost successful to push me to Aurora, especially if you will fix the problem with Unicode named resources in connectX
  9. Is it possible to add icon in some corner of the screen displaying current profile and (possibly) achievements level like it was in FSD? Yeah, I know changing profile can be performed in such way, but please note the interface does not display the current profile in any place as for now. It can cause misunderstanding when several profiles are used in Xbox. P.S. Damn, just watched a video of 0.7b and looks like this request is already finished.... looks promising really.
  10. gjf

    F3 crash

    The problem is fixed. You are the best! Thank you very much.
  11. I cannot test because I cannot copy the files with such names - the error message appears. I have attached a sample. Зайка пляшет.txt
  12. Can you please test does it recognize unicode symbols in names of files and folders when installed in Aurora? I mean Cyrillic letters for instance. In my case they are shown as ???????
  13. gjf

    F3 crash

    Nope, cover issue was possibly caused I have >60 games in console. I had to update covers manually for some of them, because automatic scanning missed about 10 games. It's not a problem actually. I would be a complete idiot if I were asking it. We have discussed another single problem here. I didn't ask to fix all future bugs. Sure in some time everybody will move to Aurora. THANK YOU! In this case we can stop this discussion. This is the only answer I wanted to hear. P.S. Why don't you make a paid connection for online players? If the payment for the server is the issue - this is the solution.
  14. gjf

    F3 crash

    Is it possible to see what dash is used on server side?
  15. gjf

    F3 crash

    First: I didn't call you idiot. Let's try to calm down and avoid insulting (I am really surprised I have to ask the forum administrator about it). Second: I don't ask to support FSD. I just ask to set the server in the way it will not crash it. Closing crash window and cleaning crash logs is annoying. I don't ask for Link, JQE360 or something else - OK, FSD is discontinued, new features will not come - well, disable it, but without crashes. Is it possible? Third: I will not discuss stability and popularity of FSD without clear statistics. Because I have another point of view, but sure you won't believe it.
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