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  1. yes i did it. i disabled and reboot it but same Problem. the xbox shutdowm litterly Edit: i solved it. i reinstalled my NAND. and it works perfectly. thx for support
  2. hi, First: Sorry for my bad english. i hope u can understand my Problems. i have installed Aurora 0.6 and everthing works perfecly. It download the GamesCovers (like my first Dash FSD 3). But when i download TU´s it will Show nothing (only the Install Path). Also when i will Play (Black Ops 3) in System link, i press system link on the guide. Then my xbox shutdown immidiently. I logged in with my Unity ACC (no Problem) and everything passed on LiNK test. i activate the portforwarding and Extendet Host fo my xbox IP adress. i checked with Dashlunch the settinges. but no success... please help my :-) Greetings for Germany
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