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  1. Just update dashboard, Dashlaunch and Aurora. Thank you guys for your effort. With every single version of Aurora I think "It's perfect now simple and do what intended to do." And YOU guys make it more perfect.
  2. Yes ofcourse. Also will be awesome if there is subtitles for the sounds
  3. I am going to start topic for Bulgarian translation. If there are folks here and noticed issues, please let me know. 0.2b Pack https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2891685/aurora-2b_EN-US_Compiled.zip 0.3b Pack https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2891685/aurora3b_bg-BG.2.zip 0.4b Pack https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2891685/aurora-4b_bg_BG.2.zip BG-BG.xzp BG-BG.xml
  4. xexmenu support filesystem operations, and u could start it from HUD's file browser
  5. Honestly I am thinking that filemanager is not necessary even integrated to the aurora (except this on HUD). The job for the aurora and FSD/F3 is simply to run the apps. Also we have FTP server integrated we can do all manage work with FTP. So my mind is that features like filemanager, skin manager, weather widgets, even thermal info (while we have it on HUD), and options that can be controlled via dashlauncher, even http server is unnecessary IMO. Thanks
  6. Yes, it is work with different trigger keys, I just report the issue
  7. Will be nice if aurora can detect if kinnect is pluged and enabled, so we can write filters that will autohide kinect games when kinect is not available.
  8. On latest Aurora, and Diablo 3, [start] button is not working when Screenshot combo is enabled. When I disable the combo problem is gone.
  9. Yes I know, but it just will be little bit more sexy
  10. Thanks for the gread job. 1) I think that incompatible with 360ContentManager is that because Aurora's FTP server is running on passive mode. 2) One suggestion is, if it possible to make an option to hide secondary discs, currently I have 2 "Mass Effect 3" items and 7 for "Injustince" (that may be because the dlc and extra packs that i was put), so overall I think checking for toplevel content directory will be a good way.
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