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  1. For those who are interested, let’s discuss the date & time in this thread. Known issues: 1. The mod requires alot of players to be fun. 2. The mod only works in the Standoff map. 3. Bots can’t pickup weapons off the ground. They also can’t enter the map when they are outside it. 4. If a player is outside the map, they can find a flag that teleports them inside. 5. If you fall towards the map, you will land on an invisible floor in the sky. To fix, just keep walking in one direction to fall down. 6. There is a playable zone that shrinks. You take damage when you are outside this zone. Unfortunately you can’t see it.
  2. Lobby has been delayed until someone replies.
  3. I’m hosting a Terrorist Hunt lobby right now. It’s currently 7:02 PM GMT+8. I will wait for an hour.
  4. TU2, I’m playing Terrorist Hunt. Posted at 1:20AM GMT+8. Will wait for 30 minutes. Join now! Edit: Lobby ended. Will host again soon! Reply to let me know that people are interested.
  5. Switched from L4D1 to L4D2
  6. I’ll wait for 20 minutes. If no one joins, I’ll close the lobby. Posted 12:15 AM GMT+8
  7. Aww I saw your lobby the other day. I thought it was another sniper lobby. Care to rehost sometime soon? I'd love to play
  8. Along with many other mods every 10 minutes. Such as: Prop Hunt, Death Run, [BLANK] vs cars, Decay and Avalanche. Join Polyblank's Game [M] with password RT + X + Y + RT Prep your snacks Don't leave so soon! I might have to exit my game to load other mods! P.S. Ends 10:00 PM GMT+8
  9. Lobby ended. Thanks for playing Abbes.
  10. I didn't hit refresh in TU download section. That's why I couldn't see any TUs for my game in Aurora. And the TU was supposed to be placed in a Cache file on Xbox's Internal Storage. I enabled the TU, but it's still on TU 0. So I tried finding a different one on the Internet since you said the Media ID don't match. I downloaded it and tried enabling TUs for it. STILL TU 0. Please help! Why are they different? Is there anyway to change the Media ID manually?
  11. There are no TUs available for the game through Aurora's Dashboard, so I went to xboxunity.net to manually download it. I downloaded every single latest TU from the site, made a folder called 000B0000 and placed the TUs in it. I launch the game, and its still on TU0. What the frig? I need help ASAP.
  12. I'm hosting a lobby for C2:B. Make sure you do have a microphone and speak English. Lobby will be hosted on Monday 17th July 2017 during 9:00PM-12:00AM, GMT+8. Have fun!
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