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  1. yeah i have the older version of that which i dont think does that pic added
  2. well i aint messing with that then lol ill leave it to the guys that know what there doing until i get to grips with it all and do lots of reading
  3. MATTELTA you are my xbox360 theme GOD lmao i would love to see something matrix'y lol i would do it myself but i have not got a clue and im thick as fcuk lmao ive done some searches on how to do it but not much luck so far with aurora been new'ish can you convert fsd themes to go on aurora ?
  4. so basically i will never be able to store content to the usb drive (huffs) lol i sorted it by putting all content back on the internal hd so will have to deal with that for now until you guys come up with something lmao well if you can, im sure you could smart guys like you lot hehehe
  5. yes it is easy to install for someone that knows what there doing your best of reading this http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4452-aurora-04b-released/ and getting as much info as possible be4 attempting it to save yourself from doing things wrong ;-)
  6. right ok i moved all content back to internal and now its picking them up so now to see if it works when i partition the 3TB hd
  7. i cant quite remember now as i dont use fsd3 anymore i use aurora which is much better and more user friendly, but somwhere in settings in fsd3 there will be a setting for cover download if im correct you have to be signed into jqe360.com, take a look at the link that should guide you on your way http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/15-how-to-setup-coversjqe360com-with-your-fsd/ or http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/592-automatic-cover-art-download/
  8. i knew it would have somet to do with that lol so i could partition it to a 2tb do you reckon that would work ? im moving all content back to the internal 500g hd
  9. you will have to go back into fsd setting and change them for it to do it again
  10. just been looking through title updates which is where it will store content of games, it picks up my internal hd where i used to have the content stored but it says that the usb needs to be configured, if i do that i will loose everything wont i? i formatted the drive to fat32 be4 installing everything on it and aurora picks the drive up but in xbox it does not
  11. hi ppl im having problems i got a new 3tb external hd for xmas of my lovely misses and its taken me 2 days to move all my stuff over from 2 hd's im having problems with content for games ive done a search on this site for some answers and tried a few that i have found, to start of i put all my games and all install-able content on one hd (my new one) i set scan paths this one for content \xbox360\system\usb0\usb0\\content (pics added) and this one for games, \xbox360\system\usb\xbox games but its still not picking up the content of my games can anyone help, thanks
  12. no i didnt lol i was rather pished having a lads night when i was showing of my new dash and felt the xbox really hot, ok ill have a look in dash launch for the fan speed setting. cheers
  13. great work guys i love it and its so fast and smooth, will you be adding a add-on for turning the fan speed up as my xbox gets quite hot where as on fsd 3 i could turn it up to keep it cool, thanks ppl
  14. i got it sorted m8 i just installed aurora, i dont know m8 i didt change any timings its fast anyway lol
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