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  1. Can you explain how please?i used google and set US but it didn't work
  2. No,video doesn't work...i tried but fail ever on aurora 0.5b and 0.2b . Sorry I was sure it would work,I remembered that the video go, maybe I'm wrong ,i'll try with first aurora's version.
  3. oooh great!!! It is like say Swizzy,create new animations from code,not by mod xui/xur. i know is possible,times ago i placed slideshow and other animation like video.wmv into aurora and works fine as in f3, but you must put button into skin's menu to enable or disable animation, this text isn't translatable immediately in all language,"it isn't clean" in my opinion. also if you would change video or backgrounds you must work: open xzp or rename backgrounds. it will be cool if you put any backgrounds/video you like it into your Aurora's folder, go to skin's menu,enable animation and "taaadan" the game is over one thing they can do all, not only "skinner",I hope I explained myself
  4. It will be great have "slideshow" as default animation, creating a new animation like "WallpaperShader.fx" taking every background placed in background's folder; Include preview of layouts,as in skin's list, into layouts menu. thanks
  5. ahahah sorry I zipped wrong folder to hurry, link fixxed! thank you a lot
  6. It's an honor and a pleasure for me,you inspired me! without your work would not be possible to do this so thank you!
  7. There are some new layouts created for Aurora. I would thanks team Phoenix, Begal, Nightcervant and RacerX for their work. ****FINAL VERSION WITH FIX ( I HOPE )**** Movie and Circle are modifications of "Flock Circle Dance by Begal"; Escalator is modification of "Collector by Nightcervant"; Focus is modification of "Ribbon by Phoenix" inspired me to an old work of RacerX; Roman and Arrow are modifications of "Spine by Phoenix"; Wall is modication of "Table by Phoenix". SCREENSHOTS Version 1 Version 2 ====================> DOWNLOAD <==================== Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V1_Fix.rar Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V2_Fix.rar
  8. Good news for all lovers of Crysis skin: now is available for dashlaunch3.14! Visit this topic for download: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4442-dashlaunch-314-skin-darkside-paradise/?p=34623
  9. "Crysis" for dashlaunch is hereeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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