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  1. xyzmods Service Unavailable?

    that will work. never tho of that. lol. how would one start setting up something like that
  2. xyzmods Service Unavailable?

    why don't you guys start your own web site and bring back the trainers and new content
  3. I am sad ?

    what about PC tools not trainers. eveyone knows that tools are better and have better cheats. aka like nonhost cheats
  4. Im Hosting a modded lobby on system link

    i sec that, what games. GT MadMan
  5. F**K YEAH!!!!!

  6. Calling all LINK players!!

    i have cable 60 mb download 6 mb uploads
  7. Calling all LINK players!!

    no. i use skype. also i am mid usa
  8. Calling all LINK players!!

    i used to host a few mouths back to i go sick of lonewolf cheaters joining my host. then i went back offline. i am looking for new friends
  9. black ops 2 zombie maps gsc menu

  10. Blur anyone

    i am down for blur. usa central time zone
  11. Need Help For BOIII

  12. Need Help For BOIII

    dam why so dickish
  13. Need Help For BOIII

    idk. i have not buy the trainer yet. i will let you know ones i find out.
  14. Need Help For BOIII

    your best bet is to look up ESTE on xbox360iso.com to buy a content trainer from. its only $20.20 paypal. ESTE will have what you are looking for. or you can try XYZMods.com. but i am sure they don't gives no fuck about content trainer, only cheater trainers