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  1. suprashake

    RGLoader Issue

    rgloader 17150 will not run on a phat xbox. slims only for rgloader 17150 or do you mean console is dash 17150 rgh. need more info
  2. 500gb official not 1 tb i think
  3. just pm me and we can setup a time to play
  4. dam. that sucks. got to love dogs. i have a fixed female cat. can the xbox be fixed. or you going to trashed it or parts
  5. was that the slim cr4 that died. if you dont mind me asking, what happin
  6. it still works. i use netflix eveyday on my xbox 360.
  7. get better internet or dont download then
  8. when you download it mabe 7 gb but ones you convert it to God it comes out to be 2gb or what ever it ma be. all iso files for the xbox 360 are 7 gb or so
  9. thats not right. GOD= Game on Demand not iso or xex of gta sa for xbox360 is 2.05gb as far as 2 player on the 360 version. i dont know
  10. that will work. never tho of that. lol. how would one start setting up something like that
  11. why don't you guys start your own web site and bring back the trainers and new content
  12. what about PC tools not trainers. eveyone knows that tools are better and have better cheats. aka like nonhost cheats
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