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  1. nothing sorry no email at top right.. don't post on my home page. i don't use that
  2. i don't use that discord server trash... just pm me or don't... i don't care right now... cuz i don't have a x360 rgh to help... i am the one that can help and the know how to help....
  3. just pm me and i can show you what to do.....
  4. from the get go... i all ways wanted text chat from dash and game or what ever... as for text chat. don't care if it's for the controller chat pad, USB keyborad or on the console or all, and maybe someday voice chat from dash and game or what ever....... that my wish's for chating on xbox 360 jtag/rgh....................................................
  5. i was hoping to at lest make it to ver 1.0 or higher!!!!! on Aurora Nova LiNK~. tbh, don't care about what was planed and all that stuff... thanks for the best System LiNK~ Online XBox 360 RGH/JTAG Console's... thank you.... you all have a good day
  7. is this still for sale ?
  8. only lost the one trainer... but.... i have them in tools or RTEs anyways. i just have to have a pc where i use the xbox to still play... no big deal.. i still have the best one there is.. wait for it.... AimBot that works on System LiNK~ Online. all in all i just learned how to beat them cheater at there own game.... anyways i like mods.. but no one cares or plays a 1vs1 both with aimbot.. its all ways these GSC mod menu trash... i would love to put together a modding group.. not to cheat but to go tho each game and kick.. end game... whatever... to stop the modding from running on LiNK~ completely ... its a lot of work but if i can pull this off i think we all can clean up LiNK~ Modders problem.. i have the Tools or RTEs to help clean up LiNK~.. who's with me..
  9. no only on my laptop and 360 that was jacked at the same time.. if you have to know.. the trainer was a content trainer.. gun camos ect.... just like ESTE's trainer but not made by ESTE.. plus a few non host cheats like non host red box.. non host vsat.. non host 0 cost to class... and i lot more.. i have the best cheats and hack for Black ops II and MW3 non host. i can own the room... no problem with the cheats and hack i have all non host... and most of it.. i can't give out..... i signed a non disclosure agreement.. to not give out or release EVER....
  10. thats ok cuz the dvd drive did not work or in there so most likey trashed it so my unreleasts trainers are lost forever...
  11. got jacked out of a trunk of a car moving to florida not there a week and i go eat and come back and the trunk is open and some of my stuff on the ground...
  12. i wish i can play but my console got jacked and my laptop too... i am working on the money but right now its slow for work.... also i moved to st peterburg florida....like 6 month ago... also i still have all my apps... games... and mods.. and the cheats for on and off host on LiNK~
  13. when i had my my xdk i did not have to use devlink or nuthing.. nova link worked just fine on my xdk i sold to felida... its was a xenon xdk with out sidecar.. but it was a real xdk not a test or what ever ones that are out there... i have to ask what xdk are you using
  14. try this. its for xdk.. its called devlink.. https://mega.nz/#!RxkyDABY!S_En2CroHCI1narM9MxiKoyTzmXi_Z3aU87M5msOJU0
  15. suprashake

    RGLoader Issue

    rgloader 17150 will not run on a phat xbox. slims only for rgloader 17150 or do you mean console is dash 17150 rgh. need more info
  16. 500gb official not 1 tb i think
  17. just pm me and we can setup a time to play
  18. dam. that sucks. got to love dogs. i have a fixed female cat. can the xbox be fixed. or you going to trashed it or parts
  19. was that the slim cr4 that died. if you dont mind me asking, what happin
  20. get better internet or dont download then
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