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  1. Anyone have these games on their RGH/JTAG and want to play on LINK via Aurora? if so, contact me on Skype at xboxintel
  2. Calling all LINK players!!

    Anyone up for a game? SKYPE is morpheous I have All the call of duty games and all of the black ops games. I have Blur racing game. Red dead Redemption. Lets get a Skype session and go for it!
  3. Calling all LINK players!!

    What's your skype name? Mine is xboxintel
  4. Calling all LINK players!!

    Do you have a teamspeak server? I signed up last night but the person that posted their teamspeak server isn't on that server anymore. lol
  5. Calling all LINK players!!

    I understand....I'm in America. Anyone hosting on LINK in the USA?
  6. Calling all LINK players!!

  7. teamspeak for the Gamers

    You're server is down? I tried to join it but it says: <22:53:39> Trying to resolve hostname realmodescenegame.ts3dns.com <22:53:40> The TSDNS server 'realmodescenegame.ts3dns.com' does not know 'realmodescenegame.ts3dns.com'
  8. Am I the only Filipino here?

    You down to play something on link?
  9. Game??

    I'm down....
  10. MW 2 ?

    I'm down if you're around. pm me and reply to me.
  11. Calling all LINK players!!

    I have been trying to find a way to reach people who have RGH/Jtag xbox360's to game with and there isn't a way to "LINK" up ( pun intended ) with other who are looking to host some games. I have some obscure games like, Black ops and Call of duty world at war, Call of duty modernwarfar 2, call of duty modern warfare 4, call of duty modern warfare 3 that i would like to revisit and play again. The problem is i can't catch anyone playing these games, so if i am on, nobody else is or if someone is on, i'm not. Just now, i see 2 people playing black ops but the person hosting, has the game room locked! I mean really? makes no sense... Somone reply to this thread, if they want to connect with me at some point, so we can play some games on link. if you need some time to get some of the games on my list, feel free to get it.
  12. Black ops III error message with new Title update 3 applied.

    Yep, that was it! Thank you Versa
  13. Black ops III error message with new Title update 3 applied.

    OK, i'll try turning off fakelive....if its even enabled.
  14. Black ops III error message with new Title update 3 applied.

    Could you please list all the compatibility packs? I've applied a few, when the game first came out. is there a new one available?
  15. I Get this error message, when i downloaded and applied the Title updae 3 for black ops III on my RGH 360, using LINK for online play via LAN. "Error could not download required information from title storage. please check your network connection and try again later" The 1st and 2nd TU never gave me any issues but TU3, won't let me go past that error message. I see the majority of users is on TU3 on the http://xboxunity.net site. but i still see some at TU2 and even some on TU1. I'm confused as to what is going on. anyone have an issue with TU3 for black ops 3?