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  1. sorry for the question, but what does it do?
  2. It does not have support for system link, the game lets you do multiplayer in private rooms over xbox live. It is one of my favorite games, would be nice if someone could crack the game to not use xbox live.
  3. Hello, do you want to play more "exotic" games like Portal 2?
  4. looks good, i will try it tonight. thank you!
  5. the netflix app just works without xbox live, it's not modified in any way. youtube app needs to be modified to work without xbox live. no one modified it, so it will not work.
  6. I can translate to romanian if you want. I also translated USB Loader GX (from Wii) to romanian.
  7. Thank you for the hard work! About the hint: it is the "plugin version: 0.7b" ? did you made a custom plugin? On the Xbox Guide i see that it says "Xbox Home". Cant wait for the release!
  8. cashonly

    Disney infinity

    Hello, any update on playing without USB base board?
  9. cant wait for that! thank you! why dont you upload to github place, where default scripst are also updated?
  10. Nice work! What if youl would arange disks verticaly? It would be easyer to read.
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