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Found 14 results

  1. Indie Games [XBLIG] TIP: Whenever something goes right. save a copy in a Backup folder. will avoid bugs and crashes I avoided links for moderation. but if you don't find the apps. access the discord XEX BRASIL: discord.gg/Besr3a6YJy Required Apps: • Velocity (xbox 360 file manager) • DN Spy • XBLIG game extracted the .exe Purpose of the post: Teach how to translate indie games to other languages not natively supported. Procedure: 1- Download an Indie Game format game from the internet 2- Use velocity/Horizon to extract the resources from it and place it in a folder on the desktop. 3- Find the '.exe' included in the game. (Yes, don't use XEX) on XBLIG 4- Open the .exe in DN Spy and activate the 'assembly explorer' in the view tab. 5- Open your .exe in the DJY SPY app 6- Go to the search bar and filter by searching: Strings/Numbers. (See the 1st photo) 7- Write something in the game that you think is a text. (Ex: Press Start etc) 8- If results appear equal to the photo in the post. of 2 clicks. 9- Naturally you will see the text in the middle of the codes between quotes. (Ex: "Press Start") (See 1st photo) 10- To edit, just right-click on 'Edit IL instruction' and another screen will open with the possibility of editing the texts. (See the 2nd photo) 11- Edit the text in quotes, the game strings. "press start" Note: There is no character limit, be happy. but if the sentence is too long, use the line breaker -> \n (See the 3rd photo) with that edit the sentence for your language and click OK. 12- After that Save everything in the app, in the file tab -> save everything -> OK (See the 4th photo) 13- After editing the .exe, return it to the original game file under 'GOD'. use velocity with -> replace file (right mouse button) 14- click on rehash to redo the hash. 15- Test on your JTAG/RGH console. More tips access the discord XEX BRASIL or talk to MathuwsGamerMW on YT. 1° PNG 2° PNG 3° PNG 4° PNG
  2. Someone please tell me. How can I delete games from my achievement history? I tried the • exProfileEditor • velocity to leave it blocked at 0. but when I enter xbox live the system just returns the data. Is there a way to overwrite this, so I can delete it using "X"? i don't want to open 50/50... just remove this any magic app or links?
  3. Is there any way to put images on game covers when connected to xbox live with an RGH? •Application, trick, website or something can anyone tell this story of what is displayed while connected to xbox live.
  4. Dash Launch 3.21 in god format Advantages of use: - easy access in the my games tab - fewer clicks to get to the app - velocity - storage in the content folder God Version by MathuwsGamerMW My YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/MathuwsGamerMW All credits to the authors of the tool DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
  5. Xex Manager Lite é um mod do Xex Menu 1.2, podemos basicamente chamar o Xex Menu 1.3 verificar as vantagens. -7 MB de tamanho comparado ao Xex Menu 1.2 com 204 MB - Ele é prático e sem curling -Interface com nova pele e ícones agradáveis - Formato de deus de jogo completo Créditos para MathuwsGamerMW por Mod Download Clique aqui
  6. Hello, I have a website with custom textures for minecraft rgh, all are created content, not commercialized content, so you can download to play on your xbox 360 rgh. You can find different textures and skins packs in addition to extra content, without promoting piracy. As an example my texture of PUBG CRAFT with aspects of the game battle royale, it has new features : https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ov67zfndj1pas2/PUBG_Craft_Texture_Pack/file My Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mathuwsgamermw/downloads?authuser=0
  7. create, edit or modify pck files with this tool created by Nobledez, for Minecraft Xbox 360 or for other purposes of Pck CREATED BY NOBLEDEZ DOWNLOAD HERE Nobledez Channel
  8. how to create a standalone game like xbox invaders, what does it take to achieve such a feat? If anyone knows, can you comment to help? If post is in the wrong area, move to the right part. Alias is very important. Moved from Phönix requests and suggestions ---> Xbox other topics, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  9. Dash Launch 3.19 God All you need from it now is in an executable package for your console. The news already know about the updates, but how about testing to see if it's good. The project I did intend to expand alternative forms of use, but development is part of the c0z team. -easy access -intuitive -No folders to search for -All compacted -Credits c0z by MathuwsGamerMW Check out the video to see the pictures and the arguments VIDEO DOWNLOAD HERE
  10. Soon the dashlaunch in god format in this new version 3.19, will be functional as the previous one, for those who need it a little more practical and fast to access by MW credits for author
  11. I would like to know how I can build an executable in rgh to create something, things like Aurora and Freestyle are so beautiful and incredible, I would like someone to guide me so I could learn too and contribute like these guys, I do this post because I'm almost giving up What do I need to know how these people do? -Default.xex -any.xex file -understand what he does and how he does it A help would be welcome caso queira falar comigo sobre isso,meu email: mathuws10@gmail.com I`m moved your thread to --> Xbox other Topics, because it`s better here in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  12. Watch videos on your Xbox 360 RGH Console, it is an adaptation of another tool but in god format.c Credits for author DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
  13. Dash launch 3.18 in god format with more ease and advantages. -You do not need to open xex menu and run. -She appears on the normal dashboard -It is 100% functional as common -Leave as we already know -Credits to the author of the VLADSTUDIOS tool -Creator of this Mod MathuwsGamerMW DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
  14. Freestyle 775 in god format, a mod still in beta, so let's say it works correctly 97% - It can block the file manager - There are errors that I did not report for the lack of tests -Credits for tool owners -Mod by MathuwsGamerMW - This in "BETA" still, help commenting defects of this version DOWNLOAD HERE
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