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  1. This useful prog needs an update or a fix. Like to the post above I cannot select a locale.
  2. Hi, I know this a long time dead thread but i was wondering if anyone ever made a filter to display only local multiplayer games, im not talking about co-op games just normal 2, 3 or 4 player multiplayer. If not is there anyone there who can either edit Swizzys Co-op filter or tell me what i need to change on it to make it do what i need Thanks in advance
  3. Nothing particular really, ive just been trawling the net collecting every trainer i can find, both Aurora and old school. If theres still more being made then its aaaalllllll good in the hood and ill keep checking in for the new ones I have tried to learn to make them myself in the past but got stuck, gave up and deleted everything And as for the minecraft one.... If and when you get time, no biggie if you dont manage
  4. Just like the title says, Is there anyone out there still making trainers? I suppose an even better question would be is there anyone out there still using their X360?
  5. Hi @Jsjs all these trainers are 0 byte files.... Something gone wrong somewhere....
  6. @felida Here the TU for ya, sorry for the delay i had it all ready to upload then completely forgot https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqFpyG7Ugkl60BU4jTnFurkXy867 If you get time to take a look and update the trainer then that would be great but noooooooo pressure
  7. Ive got the latest TU if your'e interested in making the trainer...... Finish what you started all that time ago My kids still rock on the 360 edition of MC as they have soooooo many worlds on there. They also have MC on just about every other god damn system known to man but the 360 is the favourite
  8. Hey dude, glad to see theres someone out there still making the odd trainer.. Do your kids play Minecraft?? Would you ever take a look at making a trainer for the latest and probably final update for it? Felida used to be the man when it came to MInecraft trainers so he may be able to help you
  9. I was just trolling dude.. but yeah main guy is mia.. just keep checking every lil biy Hey Felida!!! Just got xbox back from my kids!!! Now that XYZ is gone is anyone else making trainers for Aurora. If theres another place to get them id love to know, then i can release an updated pack to the masses
  10. Thanks for this guys, i dont play the 360 that much anymore and i was surprised to see the update notification pop up. The cover downloader makes it all worth the wait!!
  11. This proggy did exactly what i wanted Excellent work swizzy
  12. Sorry dude i did have a quick search, must of skipped right over it... Cheers Swizzy
  13. Go to this post for a link to almost all Aurora trainers.... http://www.realmodsc...ncerns/?p=54994
  14. If you have "acquired" your dlc from non official places, there was a dlc released by a certain group that causes this crash. I suggest that you remove all your DLC and re add them one at a time until you find the offfending file, and, also make sure you are using the very latest TU as only this one supports the latest DLC.
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