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  1. kinda off the o.p. topic, but do you think theyre will be any updates to emulator ever? mostly wondering due to the fact that the psp emulator for 64 seemed to do a major overhaul this year, was wondering if maybe that could help this 360 somehow. havent used my 360 in a long time but the n64 was working pretty good last i remember.
  2. awesome, think i seen an xex somewhere one day when i was working on something but didnt mess with it. easter egg... lol how cool. gonna check this out
  3. xmplayer or ffplayer.(or ffshow or something name skippin my brain right now, simple search should find the video apps available) they work okay, xmplayer is xell i think and videos need to be 720p i think? i dont use them much at all. stock player works good for most formats. some mp4 and mkv have to try with the apps but mkv is usually beyond 720p so hit n miss... you can also try streaming with media center, nothing compared to original xbmc but it works for most formats. also dvd formats should be okay I would assume, doesnt your dvd drive play dvds? so I think it should be able to play dvd format as well, pretty sure I had some vob files (or extracted dvds) before and they were the only watchable movies on my ext hdd at that time. vdo format? quick google search says the format has been discontinued since 1998. maybe try a video converter? i use xilisoft products, they work great, using an older video converter ultimate and it does wonders. (got tired of huge file size videos, pffft convert that and retain quality) get what you pay for tho xilisoft is worth it. maybe you can find the stuff somewhere else though for free ;\
  4. I like your profile pic, looks cool. any tips how i could make one of myself?

  5. with external media u can easily plug into pc to use content manager. think i have alot of problems using it with aurora, but it works with fsd, kind of. just used it the other day to unlock some of my stuff since xm360 is being difficult atm with my ext. i think i did have to plug into pc cuz i couldnt see ext with ftp for some reason
  6. im on 2.1.1 and its still off by a little but close enough
  7. okay so back when i last updated my kernal i also updated dashlaunch, think i did it a day after though, anyways so dash launch has always said 3.07 even tho i had 3.16 installed. so i cant get link working anymore not sure why, been a long time since i played it. so i downloaded 3.18 ran updater and it looked like i was running 3.18. back to cover flow, still says 3.07 on cover flow so i scan, still the same, so i open it and it says 3.07 still. so i deleted my whole dash launch folder and copied the 3.18 over. everything except link seems to be working, i changed name from updater to dashlaunch but it doesnt seem right. link still not connecting. i dont think this is working with the way i deleted dash launch and copied new folder, cant get the updater to run anymore, just boot to 3.18 so it seems to be installed, i mean if i press home it takes me back to aurora so dash launch is functional right. what am i forgetting/missing/messing up? (update) okay nevermind everything working right again just a little slow. advice on updating for next time would be nice though. maybe my folder name was causing problems or something?
  8. WOW... this is amazing. my very first game was oregon trail (that i remember) but any game i played wouldve been on dos at school. for it to be so easy and look so polished. wow.... dos games are 98% keyboard based. just get u a keyboard to use, controller probably alrdy works as mouse unless u have devkit then mouse works too. u can use keyboard on amiga360 and probably other things. im just starting with this part of my rgh. is there a way to access emu menu while playing a game?
  9. not sure what platform this game is, obviously microsoft, but wondering if i can emulate it on dosbox or bluemsx or what.
  10. good to know, esp the part about datadvds, so if i wanted to burn some games (360 or classic or even anything i guess) i can just put on a data disk, yeah makes sense just an old school flash drive right. hell of alot cheaper than dual layer, but rarley does a 360 game fit on 4.7gb lols...
  11. however you want to. no need to format with 360. fat32 works ntfs doesnt. but i use something like this on my ext hd content/0000000000000000/ put dlc, apps and title updates here, i prefer this to be on internal but i ran out of room xboxemulators/ put emulator folders here xboxgamesXbox/ put all extracted iso here xboxgames360/ put all extracted iso/god here xbla/ alot easier to unlock if put in content folder, dnt put smashbros/4543245/file put 45454/file n64 emulator/ put the emulator files here for ease since it uses xell not dashboard dreamcast emulator/ put nulldc here for ease since it uses xell not dashboard xboxApps/ maybe homebrew or whatever, i put xmplayer here since it uses xell not dashboard music/ mp3s for background play movies/ for bored xbox360software/ put random stuff youll need/save like dvdkey or software or whatver notes/tips obviously you need to tell aurora where to look, set you scan paths, then set depth to 4 or 5 depending on how many folders inside each folders. 6 usually works to be safe, dont use unlimited. once you add paths into settings then click scan and depending on hd, size and content it should be done within 10 mins. everything sounds good from what u say so idk, make sure your folder is nice and neat, no zip/rar files or anything. also once you figure out how to get your games into auroras cover flow (its easy) you can make sure you have xm360 (app) and then open it and find all your xbla/dlc and unlock it. (easy too). now everything should work. you can make sure your dlc/xbla/games work by simply using file manager/browser in aurora and click the xex/xbe/elf file __________________update i cant figure out how to use xm360 to unlock anything except whats in my internal content folder, blah. i tried this http://www.xpgamesaves.com/threads/tut-how-to-get-xm360-working-with-external-usb-hard-drives.112912/ use 360 content manager and plug ur hd into pc, unlock them, or if u have other xbla folder in hdd (i do) u can do them with ftp
  12. think its worth trading my ps4 for xbox1 now. every is willing to do it lol... spent over 1g on black friday last year for games and stuff and played the shit like 5 times since... ps4 vs rgh not even a comparison to me. ps4 does have online and fallout 4 and few other games thouggh.
  13. very true. i have like 15 games that are in a blue storage tote cuz who needs or wants games with hard drives, flash drives and ext hds, plus streaming. but in the end the main reason was because i have dvds laying around, and needed a disc to stay in 360 so it will open when standing upright (grrrr). probably better off with a mix dvd of cartoons lol. anyways i am runnin low on space though 1tb ext 120 internal so until i get a new ext upgrade it works. another reason was because one of my old xboxs was lte3 or something and i could play online and burned games but not from hd. so if i still had that type of xbox i could run the emus from disc.
  14. is it possible to put emulators or other homebrew onto dvds. anything i should know about when doing this? ive already done it with a classic xbox emulator, made sure xbe was at the root of iso when i made it, then burned iso to dvd, didnt try cd-r yet. works.
  15. answered in post above. u can either download the file and use aurora asset editor to import it or asset import but use asset editor. or u can download from unity website using your fsd/aurora. going to try instaliing tu, maybe that will fix it for me. would be awesome to see the other apps, personally rarely use them but the option wld be interesting and enjoyable. update: found the title update enclosed with the download. cheers! also my main folder (3000blah) was inside a main folder (3000blah) so i took it out of the folder so the heirachy is one less folder too. and i put it on the flash drive instead of hard drive (still on hard drive though) but mostly I copied the titleupdate to my cache folder inside hdd and then started netflix (without installing update on accident) but it worked. going to install the update corretly to avoid problems. were off to get a netflix acct, prolly be the only day i use it but oh well, im watching it now finally. idea? wonder how difficult it would be for developer to clone netflix or use their files as a blueprint to get other streaming services (homebrew app) to work, i was thinking of popcorn time which is basically like netflix but it uses torrents, so yeah that sounds difficult as f... personally, if i ever use my 360 for media its usually just a quick movie (dont want to use it too much for non gaming when i have so many other ways to use my media) i do enjoy the built in streaming using the stock video player though. streams from my hds connected to my pcs. my collection is more than netflix, but netflix is all new content too. i prefer the older stuff but the kids will love netflix, too bad ill make them watch on chromecast or pc or phone or netbook or tablet or laptop or psp (not sure if my modpsp can dont think so, got a new 1 month ago been years since i had one, side note get urself a 3ds also, both of those and a phone/netbook and your covered) but yeah im a collector and this looks beautiful inside auroras cover flow.
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