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  1. Rip.The error code was 0033 and the power brick is making buzzing sound I think that's the problem.EDIT:now it has a red light too.
  2. My Xbox 360 RGH is showing a solid red light.It doesn't have any rings and no error codes.The power brick light is orange when it's on.It worked fine yesterday.Can somebody tell how to fix it.
  3. I got this message awhile ago when i try to boot XELL but now I don't the get message anymore.Could this be the problem?
  4. I've set my fan to auto and changed the target temps.I think fan needs to be replaced lol.
  5. The nand is fine.. I've used the console about 3 years it never had this problem before.
  6. Yeah I tried it.But the fan works normal after the ventilation´╗┐´╗┐ shutdown and sometimes when I removed all the plugs it works.And the fan tries spins but stops.Edit: A red light is emitting from the S/PDF Port.
  7. This never happened to me before.The fan trys to spin but it doesn't start the fan.Please anyone help me out
  8. I have Xbox 360 RGH Corona V2.The fan won't start until I get the ventilation shutdown then the fan works normal.Help
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