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  1. Thanks man, your given link is working.
  2. Whenever I click the link it takes me to a page and it says something appears to be missing. Don't know what is wrong, tried everything. I don't know how it is showing you the file. Tried many browsers, smartphone, used VPN nothing happens. Can you please share me the link of that page. The above link is not working.
  3. So I found a tu that is region free, I have not checked it yet. https://www.xpgamesaves.com/threads/far-cry-4-tu8.124198/
  4. Can you send me the link Can you send me the link . Mine is showing that the file is missing
  5. Nope, it's not working Nope it's not working.
  6. Anyone with far cry 4 tu Mid-1482D1EF. Can't find on the internet and there is no tu on Xbox unity.
  7. Thanks bro❤️ Thanks bro ❤️
  8. So I was trying to install Fifa 18 dlc (Live roster update) I downloaded it and was trying to install it , but I can't find the folder where I could install it in the content folder. So I created a folder with the game title I'd and I put the dlc in the 00000002 folder. But my Xbox shows that there is no dlc , I have tried both in fsd and Aurora, but the dlc is not showing up. Is there problem with dlc or something else? _Please help_
  9. I have installed the gotten gains part -1 dlc in my Xbox 360 and also installed the tu. The dlc works but after I install the dlc i am not able to buy cars in the game . I have currently removed the dlc , the game is working fine. What to do?
  10. I will download them with my smartphone and transfer it to the usb through otg and then connect it to Xbox 360
  11. I used internet sharing with my pc with an ethernet cable but now there is no pc so no internet sharing.
  12. Can someone give me assets for aurora for games like gta v , Minecraft, FIFA 18 ,etc ? My computer has gone for repairing. I needed some assets ? Can anyone give me so I can download it and thanks in advance.
  13. Which game tu is not working? When installing tu manually you have to download the tu which matches your media id . You can see your game's media id in aurora. Try using the correct media id , and installing it manually and try to delete the tu which you downloaded earlier.
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