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  1. I will download them with my smartphone and transfer it to the usb through otg and then connect it to Xbox 360
  2. I used internet sharing with my pc with an ethernet cable but now there is no pc so no internet sharing.
  3. Can someone give me assets for aurora for games like gta v , Minecraft, FIFA 18 ,etc ? My computer has gone for repairing. I needed some assets ? Can anyone give me so I can download it and thanks in advance.
  4. Which game tu is not working? When installing tu manually you have to download the tu which matches your media id . You can see your game's media id in aurora. Try using the correct media id , and installing it manually and try to delete the tu which you downloaded earlier.
  5. Same happened with me with my f3 when I chose my profile F3 would crash. You should go to your normal dash and select a profile and then go to aurora . If not working choose another profile . If not working yet you should reinstall aurora with your usb. You will only lose your aurora skins and game cover and the game path.
  6. You should delete your title update and then start the game. If the game will work it means that you have problem with your title update. Install it manually in the content folder and then try to run the game
  7. Was it running before correctly without the title update?
  8. There is no tu . I have searched everywhere , there are no tu . The dlc path is correct as I have installed other dlc also and they are working but the doogie bag dlc is not working.
  9. I was thinking that the game cover.bin file in game data in f3 has game cover in Xbox . If I will send that file to other Xbox and transfer it in other f3 game data, will the cover show up or will not work . Is it possible?
  10. I have installed other dlc also like the multiplayer mask and other but the doogie bag dlc is not working. I have deleted it and I installed it again but not working. Xm360 is showing that it is unlocked.
  11. I have installed the dlc but the game shows I have to do not have the downloadable content to play . I have unlocked it with xm360 but it's not working.
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