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  1. Hi, i have some rare og xbox title id's, for some researches i need to find their game name. cant find them even in xboxunity.net Any suggestion would be helpful, thanks. Title ID's : 0x424D0008 0x454D0021 0x46490008 0x47450001 0x47450003 0x4947002A 0x4B420003 0x4B440002 0x4D538066 0x4D530083 0x4D530084 0x5345001D 0x53450034 0x53530006 0x53550004 0x53550005 0x544D000C 0x545400A5 0x5553000A 0x5553800C 0x59420001
  2. I like your profile pic, looks cool. any tips how i could make one of myself?

  3. Hi everyone's... today i update my Corona 250 gig with Xebuild 2.098 and everything was fine. the console cames up and Updated. for some education reasons i had to ReFlash the Console, but this time after Write Nand with Simple Nand Flasher, Console didnt startup! i tried to boot with Eject button but nothing happened. ofcourse i have the Dumped Nand file in a USB what should i do now ?
  4. Fatal Crash happens here, and it makes Console slow. then u have to Restart the Console
  5. i dont really know, but makes me worry
  6. Hi, the System Link doesnt work for me today! All tests passed in aurora plugin. But still not working. This problem hapening more that 4 hours. Anybody else have this or its just for me?!
  7. Before starting CTR, select options in pcsxr then change Cpu to Interpreter and Disable Xa Decoding. Run the game
  8. Just by changing two options Crash Team Racing works great
  9. Readme doesnt help but i found another solution. I just Download full rom set with CPX3 emulator together. Right now i have bigger problem! MAME emulator doesnt run NeoGeo roms. Says some file missing. Im searching for a solution...
  10. Hi, ive just download CPX3 emulator CPX3 contain a CHP folder and im sure Roms must copy there. i donnow how but! so ive download Street Fighter Rom, its in ISO format. the ISO file content 10,20,30 .... files. could anybody tell me how to get this work ?
  11. So i have to wait for NOVA, Thanks and Congrats man
  12. ok, after alot of things, i had to leave FSD and move to Aurora so in Dashluanch i change the Default path from FSD.xex to Aurora.xex and aurora boots by default. its silly but why pressing Xbox Guide button still shows "FreeStyle Home" menu ?! of course when i select it, Aurora loads btw
  13. My God, You did great man. Thank you very very much complete and useful information, specially power mapping images. i save them to pc. very efficient right now i connect Intel Fan with Max speed and works perfect, at least CPU temp is always under 56c thanks again, youre cool dude
  14. Thanks swizzy my dude, so ill keep search for Original slim Fan! Thanks again...
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