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  1. [Nova] Screenshots

    Well I did some testing and ask axr it seems not possible engine with trainers would have to be totally rebuild . Since we don't have the DLL is not going to happen . Again sorry for the bad news
  2. [Nova] Screenshots

    I have a look tomorrow promise Aka boogieman
  3. Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    Going to give this a go good work guys Ps felida likes guys
  4. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    good luck with that batman
  5. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    yes is out
  6. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    no mate is down for maintenance for a wild now
  7. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    well being trying to update the trainer but no one can't get the tu so it will stay to tu4
  8. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    Hey what's going on with the tittle updates seems like is not working for example far cry 4 tu 5 ?
  9. Dashlaunch 3.12

    Thank you so much need it that
  10. XeBuild 1.12

    Awesome cheers mate
  11. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    yes sir I promise Done not much but is all I can afford ATM
  12. Aurora 0.4b - Released!

    Good work guys keep it up the best part is totally free
  13. Aurora 0.2b by Phoenix

    I dont understand why so many people having problems is very simple to setup and use All of you and grateful people using it totally for free after people made it for us to use Should be thankful people willing to spend time making awesome programs like that instead of whining complaining even some of you bad mouthing I being using it since day one have no issues at all but again I know how to use a jtag and rhg
  14. Aurora 0.3b - Released!

    yeah was going to ask I didn't find any skin ? Going to redownload it to see what up
  15. Aurora 0.3b - Released!

    Who that paracrypt guy or a girl ? I heard she not nice Love the new update no problems so far