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  1. Got to Subscribe to download the link from Third party no thank you
  2. I have slim rgh 250g with chrome trim is a trinity ready to go . I wont take less 150$ Comes with cables and power block and 1 controller
  3. I do make some here and there for my personal collection . Not taking requests as have no time to fix and check bugs etc .. but I gladly share what I have I'm pretty sure well over 600 in my hdd and mostly updated as well you may PM if your looking for something
  4. I have everything on my external USB folder called games for 360xbox and God format Folder called xbl for my xbl games Set the patch to USB 1 / games and xbl Try unload nova and disassemble it . It give me a black screen or take forever to load
  5. Sounds like a job for you Let me know if you need help with the tu deal
  6. Triggerheart Exelica tu2 Inf Lifes Max Score Inf Bombs Ikill Boss 58410888.rar
  7. stupid question where and how you have aurora setup ?
  8. Aurora trainers are sensitive most always be signed in that's something was a issue since day one never got fix also it helps no to default active the trainer as well like going to option and turn everything on before launching the trainer as some option cant be turn on for example max money why would want max money when you just start it the game and dont have any , you cant max out something you dont have . Just some tips hope it helps .
  9. hey guys i know is been a while but some trainers releases TOMB RAIDER UNDERWORLD 534307EC Tu 2 Inf Health Max & Inf Grenades 534307EC.rar TOMB RAIDER Anniversary 534307EA Inf Health Inf Ammo Inf Air Inf Medic Pack 534307EA.rar south park 58410B80 tu1 Inf Health Max & Inf SCORE Max & Inf Lives 58410B80.rar king of fight 12 tu2 P1 Inf Health P2 Inf Health P1 Max & INF super P2 Max & INF super P2 1Hitkill P2 no super 534E07D2.rar
  10. Thank you very much from all of us means alot
  11. Yeah same with my kids why I make a few trainer for them any game you like messae me never know I may have them
  12. Yeah you know kids love not to die and buy stuff lol
  13. Is been over a year is any one know when 7 going to be release ?
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