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  1. Maybe your Dashlaunch settings are bad..
  2. This is my HDD. Also, very simple to use this app
  3. First you need to activate trainer in Aurora, then launch the game, after that press START+BACK
  4. There is free app called Velocity. Good for moving games, files to Xbox HDD and other stuff
  5. SATA to USB 3.0/3.1 adapter. Best for me
  6. There is no disk in the drive.I think I just crashed my DVD drive with that´╗┐ disk..
  7. How to delete this title ? Delete option not work. Just for fun, I put HeXEN disc (original xbox) to my RGH console and now I see this every time
  8. Hello. I have a problem with some games, when game is launched, but freezes on LOADING screen.. For example Max Payne first game.. Any solutions ?
  9. If you know, some "DashLaunch" settings effects trainers to
  10. Maybe that trainer you have is not "Aurora" trainer. There is two types of trainers
  11. I solved this problem for me. Disabled NOVA and FTP, unticked "Always Load On Boot", and when launching game with trainer, make sure you're Signed in with your profile. For me all trainers work perfectly.
  12. Sad, but update not working, even Aurora not showing update in Title Updates menu..
  13. I want to use trainer for this game, but I need TU#4 to use it. Maybe there is a way to open trainer on pc and change something to able trainer work without TU ?
  14. Signed in, i'm not running any dashlaunch plugin, avatar update installed.
  15. Yes, they are Aurora trainers. I can configure every trainer in Aurora dash, but games didn't launch.. black screen and nothing more
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