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  1. I was watching modded warfare's tutorial video and tried playing online, after that I downloaded a mod and the mod plugin in dashlaunch prevented the guide menu from showing, the problem is fixed now tho
  2. I was talking about how the menu stopped showing after I played Gta, It got fixed once I removed the mod menu plugin for gta in Dashlaunch and now I can play link, thanks for the help though.
  3. I'm new to modding and stuff, but how should the settings be, should I try reinstalling DashLaunch AND aurora or do I need to fix a setting, I changed the xhttp to false in the launch.ini text to try and play GTA online I just tried reinstalling aurora and Dashlaunch, the guide menu (thing that pops up when I press the home button) is the normal one and the aurora menu doesn't appear (the one with temperature, system link and aurora home button). It still takes me to aurora home if I select the Xbox home button
  4. I used to be able to connect to LiNK from the aurora xbox guide menu (the one that shows up when you press the home button), The next day when i logged on to play link, the aurora guide menu didnt show up and i cannot connect to link. My Unity ID is signed in and i even tried reinstalling Aurora, it didnt seem to work out anyone got a fix for this?
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