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  1. I have the XBLA version I use TU12 works fine
  2. Yovel

    Xbox network IP

    Can I make the Network IP stop changing all the time? Its really annoing when it comes to change the IP in my port forwarding
  3. Yovel

    LiNK really slow

    Its not Coincidence that if LiNK is slow, the website is slow too right?
  4. Yovel

    Problem|BF4 HD content

    When I download TU via FSD i choose ''OnBoardMU''
  5. Yovel

    Problem|BF4 HD content

    Yes I did but now answer, so I thought maybe someone here will know. RGH Its games forum USB flash drive, I dont have HDD
  6. I was able to play BF4 without HDD with this TUT http://www.xbox360iso.com/battlefiel...t-t722531.html But when I started the game it asked me to install HD content So I said: Ok if the game works lets just take the HD Content from disc 1 So I founded in disc 1 the content and transferd it with Horizon But when I start the game it still asks me for installing the HD content
  7. I made a theme with Horizon and when I saved it to my USB it shows the theme twice in the NXE dash but it Horizon it shows it once
  8. Hey sorry for bothering but Do you have to complete the game to play Extinction? Because I dont have it
  9. I have downloaded iMARS verison and I extracted both ISO to my hard drive and when I start a campigan its just loading and loading and loading............... nothing happend
  10. Yovel

    Fsd black screen

    I have FSD rev 775 And every time I want to go to FSD when I play a game its just doing black screen and I have to turn off and on the xbox I am using DASH RT
  11. I think I will pass the hack thing thanks man
  12. But its really annoying like.... you drive and at the other side there is 1 sport car 3 tracks 1 sport car 3 tracks 1 sport car 3 tracks like that
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