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  1. Thanks, but why didn't you post it in "xeBuild" section of the forum?
  2. I wonder who created this piece of a coding art ? Does anyone know who is this guy ? Great memories with this trainer. Nice to see it still around after all those years. LiNK 4eva !!!
  3. You can use NXE version of XEX Menu v1.2. It will show as demo game in NXE's game list. Then you can run Aurora by XEX Menu v1.2. That way you can use Aurora without dashlaunch when needed.
  4. From what I know there is no planned DLC for Black Ops 3 on last generation (X360 / PS3). You can play DLC only on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Personal Computer. That's why you can't find it anywhere. It simply doesn't exist.
  5. Thanks for your hard work. How do you feel about adding MAME support for this version ? There is official v1.0.0.2 bulid with MAME support, but they removed shaders from it. xBR shader is so great, but it only works in v0.9.8.4. It would be amazing, if you could add this MAME from v1.0.0.2 to v0.9.8.4 or to your unofficial version. I don't know if that's even possible, but I just wanted to ask.
  6. I can give you my game.xex and if it will match your media ID, then it will help. I will upload it and give you link on your PM. Transfer that file to your W_D folder and try it.
  7. No shit sherlock lol I was wondering, did they know about upcomming update. You're probably right. It's all XBLSE fault. I'm sure we wouldn't have to wait more then 3 days after dash update for new xeBuild and DashLaunch but because of those XboxLive cheaters we will have to wait many months.
  8. Damn, I just updated to 16767. I hope we will not have to wait several months again for new xeBuild and DashLaunch
  9. Thanks for quick answer. You're right, I didn't read change log sorry. If applying feature is gone, then everything is OK. I thought it was intended to force applying on every boot. Didn't realize it was a glitch. In that case I'm going to try this right now. Thank you very much for all of your work guys. Without you, there is no Xbox360 scene
  10. It's all cool and nice, but why Aurora handles Title Updates in such weird way? Applying TU on every single game boot ? I mean, TU is already in right place on HDD (Cache or Content folder) plus, it makes a copy of every TU in DATA folder (just like FSD did). I know it's good for quick enabling and disabling game patches when needed, but why Aurora forces me to apply TU every time I boot the game? There are 2 copies already on HDD, so why applying is needed? It looks like it moves title update file somewhere on HDD, but what's the point if files are already in right paths? Besides long waiting to just start the game (TU for Alien Isolaton is 1 GB big and it takes several minutes of applying) if it really moves TU files on every game boot, then files on HDD are even more fragmented and games loads slower because of that. What was wrong with FSD method of handling title updates and why Aurora forces us to apply TU on every single game boot ?
  11. You can't set colored clan tag in GPD or in save game for now. Green THC Clan Tag in game is achived by forcing right values in offsets on host side. That means only host can mod clan tag and get colors for all clients. That's why we have green THC only on our teammate's hosts or if someone is using my public AW trainer. If you have my trainer loaded, and me or someone from my team will join your host, we will have green clan tag. If you want to do that kind of stuff, try to learn about building trainers for Xbox360. There is a very good tutorial by MBRKiNG about trainers. Just google it.
  12. ESTE

    help from far cry game

    Renaming game.xex to default.xex is very bad idea because Title Updates will not work. Just hide/remove default.xex and leave just game.xex as game booter. That way you can play game and use any Title Update in future.
  13. Thank you for quick answer. That's all I wanted to know.
  14. Hi, what's this for and when do I need to disable it ?? Thanks in advance.
  15. Game has the same Title ID, but Media ID is different for game's region so it's not always the same. I was talking about updating original xex (game.xex) with game.xexp from title update so you no longer need title update on your hard drive if you want to use DLC (game is already updated that way). But that's only if someone wants to play from GOD container. If you have XEX rip all you need is "game.xex" and title update in right place. It's the best way to play this game on Jtag/RGH console. Look on my file structure. I don't have default.xex file and thanks to that I can boot W_D from Box Art menu in FSD with TU#4 enabled without any problems. EDIT: Media ID is also always different for Disc number. Disc 1 and Disc 2 have the same Title ID, but Media ID is always different.
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