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  1. sorry if im pumping an old thread, My xbox is connected to two external hard drives, Im encountering an issue in which freestyle is duplicating the scan directory and the game for both USB0 and USB1, what it means is if I have like 30 titles its going to show 60. Its nothing but frustration and nothing can be done. Note that Aurora doesnt have this issue and works like a charm. to elaborate more on my issue, if you try to scan say "Games" folder in usb0, immediated the scan add usb1 "Games". and the titles are duplicated. Note that Im using patched kernal to accept large HDD Im using freestle for the aehtistics only. Any help is appreacited.
  2. You are replying to a 10 years old comment What u want and I can share it
  3. I tried that with a different xbox with a different xell ver, it works normally. Seems like Uda0 not mounting, only keeps looking in TFTP. Not trying to argue or anyhing just saying.
  4. I notcied you can no longer place updflash.bin in the root of HDD and then xell finds to start flashing. correct me if im wrong.
  5. Greetings, Does game preview or game screen shots & description available for download?
  6. I made a dumb of my devkit and launched it in this jrunner, the devgl option is not selectable. do I have to manually add files to rebuild folders ?
  7. Ive got a devkit unit myself, I bought a wasted jasper and replaced it with a 0 fuse CPU, I simply chose DEVkit option when I launched Recovery img.
  8. whats the "xenonsetup" sorry for the novice question.
  9. Come on, please share it :C I found RGH2 patches are enough to run retail bootloaders (of course file system require additional patches) it is kinda stupid to have a devkit and to run a retail. I dont want to hook 2 consoles on Monitor. One more thing any idea on what additional patches required to run SMC_hack (jtag) on Devkit? Xebuild document ions show its possible however.
  10. Ive successfully be able to run your files on Devkit with no shadowboot whats so ever (also big block nand!) I noticed 2 things that dont work. 1- Xbox og backward compatibility. 2- Avatars (yes I installed 17489 avatar from a retail unit into HDD). But non the less, every retail xex seems to work normally. Thanks a lot anyways.
  11. this is an old thread but just now I got this problem and I fixed by changing RF board (ring of light board). sometimes over tightening of screws can do that or something shorting it, give it a twist and clean it (try ti press on components) and its working now.
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