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  1. sadly though RGH-2 doesnt work nor R-jtag cuz of this crazy fuse line 1, I simply want to check the stability of this devkit, I dont want to run games on it. I wanted to stress it and make sure no hardware failure in it.
  2. Any idea how to build a xebuild image to pass the fuseline 01? I di have a dev CPU cant run freeboot.
  3. Can Xebuild builds an image to remove the check of fuse line 1? My console is identified as DevKit console, if someone wants to build freeboot image, how to pass the first line? Thank you!
  4. I upgraded the nand, ran XDKRecoveryXenon7978.exe selected flash 6719, then it ran and copied the files, gave me an error S1040, ran it again and now I have this Im having an issue with this KV, as it treats the drive as slim! Got fixed however with nandpatch ! Notice also the LDV for CB, fuse line 2 & at fuse line 7 both zeros and never burnt. Also, Im not sure about fuse1 for devkit, does it look like this? Im running a dev dashboard now :D, at least I get this far https://imgur.com/a/OMXLC3N#UpOxJkQ
  5. I made this image through fusion with 0 CPU key, if the CPU key has any other value than zeros, the console wont boot. Then you have to prepare a usb stick with "Fusion 1.09" files, simply copy the content of "bootdisk" into usb formatted as fat32. After that, you will be greeted with glorified boot animation (Fusion's) and the console then the console outputs nothing, BUT you can access its network through Xbox 360 neighborhood; of course you have to connect Ethernet cable to the same router/access point of your computer then you can find the IP address of your xbox in your router Lan page.You can pretty much run any dev-kit recovery image and burn the fuses if you want of course, but you need a bigger nand, and I tried to to solder a bigger nand but it didnt work, probably there are missing resistors, I dont to waste time on figuring out how to upgrade nand size.Here is all the files you need, but make sure you swap SMC matching your board.Thanks for your replies.https://www.mediafire.com/file/asi5dh9lf3vzf1a/CPU_0_Phat_BOAD_Image_as_Dev-Kit.rar/fileIn short, I need a null CPU key (all zeros) to boot into dashboard or else kernel panic, at the same time I need a valid CPU key to execute kernel files. All what Im trying to do is burn the efuses and get a random valid CPU key, or else the xbox can do nothing but run libxenon
  6. I tried to build retail image for this chip, it fails because the LDV for this CPU is 0, the lowest build I could make is 7371 in J-RUnner. I was looking for dashboard v1888 (probably wont check for LDV) or the first dev nand dumb. I failed to find these files online. If anyone have a backup somewhere, please share.
  7. So I’ve installed the new cpu , rgh 1.2 setup and it was working on previous cpu . Now I’m getting rrod 0022 after 30 secs with no output on retail nand on the new cpu . I don’t know what to do now as I’m stuck at this point. Ive created new ECC and for some reason it now boots xell and it shows all zeros as expected. I guess Im on the right track now so far, I belevie I have two options: 1- Flash the console as Dev Unit (Ver. 7371 or less) 2- Recall the Key_Blow function. Thanks.
  8. you can also set your CPU as dev kit, very nice. I will surely test it. Any tutorial in english ? Or spanish text?
  9. Can we use them for Jtag instead of rgh? I have few jaspers laying with cpu key of course around around and I want to downgrade them . what if I don’t have the CPU key and the nand is formatted ? many thanks guys the video is in Spanish but it is understandable
  10. Greetings, Ive come across multiple sellers offering new Xbox CPUs straight from the production line not even programmed, meaning these cpu can virtually have and CPU key and DVD keys. Why they are selling it? How to manually burn efuses? anyone tried them before? Ive read somewhere they can be manually programmed by XDK - or Special disk. Would be great if someone can give info about them. The sad thing those can not be used to run normal dashboard, debug dash? possible. Here is a screen shot found in google.
  11. use a different psu, or test it with a different console. RROD 0001 can result from a short (CPU/GPU). In some extreme cases, some consoles shipped with RROD 0001 ( dead gpu or cpu). Spend 30$ on a used jasper (most prone to failures) hell I bought mine for less than 10$
  12. People claiming modders cant go online now. "It was to patch the Goobytag exploit", Cakes from se7ensins
  13. and this is why I like this forum! We should have a ps4,vita and 3ds section.
  14. dont eat Mcdonalds for a day and bye it from a local store.
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