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  1. downloads wont work? links broken?
  2. does anyone else notice there are issues with the textures? ( skyrim textures.bsa (light) ). windhelm wont load any textures and a few other issues. other then that it looks awesome!
  3. I know , old topic. but I see it says copy the BSA file into the data folder. what if my game is in GOD format. will this not work?
  4. ya, not to sure why wireless dont work , not in the troubleshooting mood anymore haha. I know wired works
  5. xell wont connect. does xell need a wired connection? xbox is in a spot with no wired connection (yet) im getting the hardware within the next few days to hook up a wired connection so I will wait. Thanks, Giibn
  6. Hello , I recently updated to the newest dash. I just have one problem , I can connect to my wireless network but not the internet, My xbox has an ip address according to aurora but will not connect via FTP to my pc. Im using the same settings previous to the update but still not connection. and when I run a test on the nxe dash I get internet failed and everything says its blocked. I have liveblock and Livestrong disabled in dashlaunch as well. does anyone have any other methods to fix , because as always the ones I seem to find on the net dont work for me. Edit : im using banned KV so i dont plan on connecting to Live EVER , havent for years and dont plan on it
  7. figured it all out . basically........I stopped using J runner like swizzy suggested from the beginning. I used 360 flash tool for inserting KV's and i used Xebuild to patch the KV and build an updated image. and I wrote with nandpro in xebuild. everything works fine again! Tried building clean nands in J runner 3 years ago and it didnt work , and same result 3 years later with the updated version. BYE Jrunner!
  8. So i took two copies of the nand that worked and compared , it remapped the bad blocks (only has 276 data), i then fusion wrote so it would remap the 277 block. xbox booted up fine, still have controller issue. I then tried taking the nand and manually remapping 276 to 3FF and 277 to 3FE. booted up again but still have controller issues. everytime i try and put a new kv into my nand i get error on boot. i had this problem a few years ago when i updated and i fixed it by injecting a new KV and patching it. now nothing seems to work. i would rather not use the xbox then have controllers drop connecting every few minutes.
  9. wierd , I got fatal crash intercepted all the time with FSD , havnt got any errors with Aurora so far. loving it
  10. well I rebuilt the image with no remap selected. should I of seen the bad block info anywhere?. it didnt detect anything about 276. anyways built the image, then flashed with fusion. it found 277 and remapped to 3FF. this is the nand that was working before and had the bad block info for 276, so this was remapped already to 3FF? ive tried to manually remap 276 to 3FE and let jrunner map 277 to 3FF, still no success. also tried remapping both and writing without remapping. EDIT: tried making a clean nand with clean SMC and new KV , made with no remapping. used nandpro to remap both bad blocks and wrote to xbox and STILL error. WTF! would I be able to give someone the nand that was working before I updated and the nand that works with the update but has controller issues and see if they can see a difference? thinking about using this xbox to sight my rifle in this year.
  11. ok i took the updated nand dump I have and made and image and extracted those files. I then remapped 276 and 277 manually . still getting error?. I am lost at this point it seems anything I try and do dosent work. I used xebuild and nand pro to do it this time as well. even with the updated dash that's working , I cant use any portals for games (lego dimensions , infinity) they dont work. wired xbox controller wont connect. and wiresless controller keeps dropping connection. edit: i tired to make a clean nand with another KV with jrunner. it actually found the bad blocks and remapped them but still no go , this is so frustrating STILL getting E79 and both bad blocks were recognized and remapped. Kernel : 2.0.17489.0 Console : Trinity NAND size : 16MiB Build : Glitch (v2) Xell : power on console with console eject button Serial : 150273303105 ConsoleId : 019782052532 MoboSerial: 7256270118580305 Mfg Date : 07/24/2010 CPU Key : EC615B7Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1BL Key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA DVD Key : 3BCA4CFCB5C292A9D793356313681E00 CF LDV : 12 KV type : type2 (hashed - unchecked, master key not available) --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day. --------------------------------------------------------------- Saved to C:\Users\DAPC\Desktop\xbox\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack\150273303105 Image is Ready Initializing updflash.bin.. Trinity Nand Initialization Finished Version: 03 Flash Config: 0x00023010 Writing Nand updflash.bin Error: 202 writing block 276 Error: 202 writing block 277 Starting remapping process Remapping Block 276 @ 3FF Remapping Block 277 @ 3FE Done! in 2:09 min:sec =============================================== still going hard . what ive noticed if my nand has this block info in jrunner • Bad Block ID @ 0x276 [Offset: 0xA26C00] • Bad Block ID @ 0x276 Found @ 0x3FE[Offset: 0x1077C00] i can write fusion and it will remap 277 to 3FF for me and it works. but i still have the controller issue. i have tried making clean nands with different KV's but i cant get any of them to boot. keep getting error 79. ive tried manually remapping both blocks , just remaping 276 and let jrunner remap 277 as it wont pick up block 276 does ANYONE have ANY ideas. i am completely stumped. i heard error e79 could be HDD error but i can get it running , what other problems could it be?
  12. alright well I used jrunner to write the image with no remapping . I noticed the firmware on my nandx is out of date. will this be a problem? anyways, This flash didnt work , get a black screen after xbox boot logo. Well ive tried a few things and nothing seems to work for me, I can update that working nand to newest kernel and it works just fine , the controller issue is still present. i also cant plug in a wired controller , just wont connect , im able to use usb to flash via xell , but nothing seems to be working with usb at the moment.
  13. oh woops! thanks for reminding me i will get back with results. now when i use nandpro to remap , does it save this or is it just temporary until i write it? edit: well i started writing with nandpro and got this right off the bat Error:23010 Programming block 0 what does this mean?
  14. then do i write image right from the nand pro app? so i created the image with the extract ticked then i loaded it into nandpro and remapped blocks: ==================================================== Using nandpro version: 20b Nandpro commandline sent: "updflash.bin": -r2 badblock.bin 276 1 Using nandpro version: 20b Nandpro commandline sent: "updflash.bin": -w2 badblock.bin 3FF 1 Block 276 remapped to 3FF Using nandpro version: 20b Nandpro commandline sent: "updflash.bin": -r2 badblock.bin 277 1 Using nandpro version: 20b Nandpro commandline sent: "updflash.bin": -w2 badblock.bin 3FE 1 Block 277 remapped to 3FE ==================================================== now do i just write through nandpro app? will it connect through nandx or do i have to hook it up to the internet?
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